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Cupcake Diplomacy: Why D.C.-Area Eateries Are Opening Franchises in the Persian Gulf

Red Velvet Cupcakery owner Aaron Gordon thought it was a scam the first time he was contacted about opening a shop in the Middle East. “Dear Mr. Aron,” began an email from Malik Awan in January 2010. “We would like to open dialogue with you for the opening of Red Velvet within Qatar’s prestigious project—The […]

Elevation Burger Mini-Empire to Expand: Up Next, Hyattsville

Elevation Burger, the Arlington-based burger chain with locations in seven states, is preparing to open a new location on Route 1 in Hyattsville, near Jefferson Street. Per a release, "Entrepreneurs and brothers David and Christopher Wallis along with their wives have signed a seven-unit franchise agreement for the greater Washington D.C. area, the first of […]

Would You Like a Shake With Your Quake?

In honor of this morning's historic earthquake, we here at Y&H Central offer a few suggestions on where you can knock back a shake to mark the occasion: Good Stuff Eatery: There's a reason why people continue to hype Spike Mendelsohn's shakes. They're hand-spun with a custard base and just a hint of yogurt to  […]

The Year in D.C. Food & Drink

Tacos took off in D.C. in 2009 Good God, I can even begin to wrap my mind around all the things that happened on the D.C. dining scene during the past 12 months. Fortunately, not all of them were as apocalyptic as the closing of your favorite restaurant or the passing of Ben Ali. For […]

Z-Burger Founder Tweets Under Competitors’ Names; BGR to Compete in Burger Summit

…Melissa Castro at the Washington Business Journal has dug up a juicy, mouth-watering, medium-rare bit of news (requires subscription to read full text) on Z-Burger, whose founder has been caught Tweeting about his chain under the names of Elevation Burger and Ray's Hell Burger, two of Z's major competitors. I guess if you don't have […]

Florida Entrepreneurs Ditch One Local Burger Chain for Another

Y&H is feeling a little prescient right now. He just finished writing a short review on Elevation Burger in which he warned: "Don't be surprised one day to see Elevation Burgers all over the place—or McDonald's stealing the idea." The idea being, a fast-food burger joint that peddles organic beef from grass-fed, free-range cows. The […]