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The Foreign Ingestor: El Chalan Restaurant

The Spot: El Chalan, 1924 Eye St. NW, (202) 293-2765 The Cuisine: Peruvian The Go-To Dishes: ceviche mixto, cabrito norteño The Scoop: When it comes to Peruvian food in the metro area, we're often relegated to thinking that the El Pollo Rico locations are the alpha and the omega of this sadly under-appreciated cuisine. I'm […]

The Restaurants That Just Missed the Cut in This Year’s Dining Guide

R.J. Cooper's "24" tasting menu abruptly ended this month at Vidalia. Putting together this year's Young & Hungry Dining Guide was an exercise in managing the chaos of the local dining scene. Several places that had all but secured a spot on my list of the 50 most fascinating restaurants — Inox, Teatro Goldoni, and […]

The Super Chicken Vs. El Pollo Rico Smackdown: Which Pollo a La Brasa Is Better?

3 Y&H thought he would engage in a little warm-up battle before taking on the ultimate pollo a la brasa challenge later this winter. (Scroll to the comments section of that link to get an eye-ful.) So here are today's challengers: El Pollo Rico in Wheaton vs. Super Chicken in Falls Church. I'll tell you one thing that I […]

The D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Winners: Are They All Deserving?

So what if you launched a D.C. Dish Hall of Fame contest to suss out the metro area's best bites and it turned into a coronation of the region's cheap eats? It would make sense, right? After all, as I noted early in the voting, the odds are stacked decidedly against the high-end restaurants. Arianne […]

How Did Your Favorite Dishes Fare in the Hall of Fame Voting?

Earlier today on the blog, Y&H announced the inaugural class of the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame, which culiminated weeks of online balloting from more than 1,200 voters. But as we've known from Day 1, only five dishes could enter the hall, which leaves another 25 nominees out in the cold. Perhaps you're interested in […]

Say Hello to the Inaugural Class of the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame

Yesterday, readers of the Young & Hungry newsletter (hint, hint: sign up at right) got first word on who won the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. Today, we tell everyone the results of our debut contest, which we launched back in October with the idea of sussing out the dishes that best define the D.C. metro area. […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Voting Closes Today

Earlier this week, a friend and I were sitting in the bright, clean dining area at El Pollo Rico, putting a hurt on the rotisserie bird that a young woman with a meat cleaver had just hacked into four neat pieces.  The table to my right was filled with three loud diners speaking in that unique strain of […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Update: Who’s Really Deserving?

The Five Guys burger in all its unfiltered glory We're down to the wire on the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame contest. You have only until Friday to cast your vote. As you likely know by now, the top five dishes will be part of the hall's inaugural class, with more plates to be inducted […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Update: Amsterdam Rises!

The big news this week concerns Amsterdam Falafelshop's dramatic rise to second place on the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame leaderboard.  The falafel's surge was no doubt assisted by promotions like this one on's Facebook page, which of course points out the whole problem with online public surveys: Folks can stuff the ballot box. […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Leaderboard: High-End Dining Lurks in the Background

With only three weeks of voting left in the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame, the leaderboard remains virtually unchanged from last week's, save for a little jockeying at the bottom and 2Amys' suddenly move into a fourth-place tie with the falafel sandwich at Amsterdam. Remember, only the top five dishes will be part of the […]