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Deviled in the Details

Deviled eggs, like the common hot dog and macaroni and cheese, are one of those classic comfort foods that have lately taken on a sort of contemporary chic—and, in some cases, sheen. To wit: One recent evening at Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale, a plate of the $3 hors d’oeuvres arrived in the standard fashion—hard-boiled, bisected, […]

Go Inside an Egg Processing Plant

So many checks and controls, and yet so many problems.

Help Out Y&H: Is the Big Egg Real?

Don't ask me where I find these things.  Because you already know: It's only too easy to trip over random turds like this on the internets. What gave me pause about this video is probably the same thing that gives you pause: Is it real? Help me out here folks. Have you ever seen such […]

The Perfectly Cooked Egg: It’s What Separates the Pros from the Pretenders

Many of you, I suspect, would rather eat tar for breakfast than read about food science. I understand. You don't have to appreciate the chemistry behind cooking to enjoy it anymore than you need to know how a combustion engine works to enjoy a warm spring drive through Rock Creek Park. Still, I personally geek out on food science, […]