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Milk Cult’s “Bangkok Brothel” Ice Cream Stirs Up Controversy

Milk Cult will now give five percent of the ice cream's sales to nonprofit advocacy groups.

Watch a Dirt Biker Jump Over 50 Gallons of Homemade Ramen

Evel Knievel could successfully jump over 16 cars, but he never cleared a 50-gallon vat of ramen. That distinguished achievement went to some guy on a dirt bike nicknamed Tim "Mud Dog" this past weekend. First, an important detail: "We did cover the soup with Saran wrap before he jumped over it with the bike. A lot of people have been really […]

Ice Cream Sandwiches and Breakfast Tacos at New Pop-Up From Milk Cult and Vigilante Coffee

Milk Cult is no longer only selling ice cream sandwiches via motorcycle. It's also now teaming up with Vigilante Coffee for a long-term pop-up at just-opened Park View Patio. The Sanctuary, as it's called, will have coffee, breakfast tacos, ice cream, pastries, and other baked goods during the day when Park View Patio is closed. The […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Motorcycle Revving Up for Launch

Remember the ice cream sandwich bicycles launching this spring? Well, they've just been one-upped. Childhood friends and D.C. natives Ed Cornell and Patrick Griffith will launch a motorcycle with a sidecar slinging gourmet ice cream sandwiches called Milk Cult at the end of the month. Cornell previously taught English in Indonesia, where he commuted by […]