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Expect 20,000 Restaurants to Close Over the Next Three Years

Somehow Y&H missed this story when it was originally published, but earlier this month the New York Times' Business section reported that 20,000 U.S. restaurants are expected to close over the next three years. Much of the downsizing is due to a specific mania that affected many during the E-Z Credit Era, namely overbuilding. Times […]

Want to Know About Morou Ouattara’s Future? Ask Him on ‘Grill Warren’ Right Now

Morou: Hit him with your best question Given the apparently precarious nature of our local dining scene, we should all jump at the chance to poke and prod at one of the area's premier chefs, Morou Ouattara, who recently told the Washingtonian's Todd Kliman that he'll be pulling the plug on Farrah Olivia in Old […]

NYT: Candy Has Become Our Recessionary Pacifier

According to the New York Times, Americans seem to be coping with the economic downturn by gobbling down obscene amounts of Necco Wafers and other sugary treats. I read this piece with great interest, since my own candy intake appears to be rising. 'Course, I blamed it on blogging, which is probably worse on your […]

California Tortilla Tries to Drum Up Customers From the Ranks of the Unemployed

You have to hand it to California Tortilla, the Rockville-based chain, for developing a two-pronged promotional plan that gives the recently unemployed a free burrito while simultaneously grooming them as future diners. I don't know if I should applaud or take a shower. According to this small item in the Washington Business Journal, California Tortilla […]

More on Diners This Afternoon on Metro Connection

You'll have to excuse my recent fascination with diners. Yes, I love almost everything about them: their endless menus, their hon-heavy waitresses, and their willingness to serve you a stack a syrupy flapjacks at 3 in the morning, no questions asked. But during our current economic meltdown, I love diners mostly for their symbolism. They're […]

D.C. Restaurant Market: Not As Depressed As You Might Think

College Park-based Joe Spinelli has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years, consulting and supplying and troubleshooting for some of the biggest (and smallest) eateries in the country, from California Pizza Kitchen to the Amsterdam Falafelshop. He's probably consulted on more restaurants than most people have eaten in. As such, Spinelli's seen […]

A Sign of the Times at American City Diner on Connecticut Ave.

WSJ: Busboys Are the Latest Victim of the Poor Economy

When restaurants can't afford to pay busboys minimum wage, you know things are bad out there. The Wall Street Journal reports today that at least one major chain (Bob Evans) and a few franchisees from another (T.G.I. Friday's) are axing the folks who clean up after us in their restaurants. It's putting the squeeze on […]

More Fun Recession News: Cutting Back on Food Spending May Make You Fat

Reuters has just published this bit of delightful news: The recession may make you poor and fat. Reports the news service:

Parmesan Cheese: Another Victim of the Global Economic Crisis

The U.S. government bails out automakers and banks. In Italy, they bail out a different kind of billion-dollar industry, Parmesan cheese producers. Who, I ask, has the more civilized society? London's Telegraph reports: "Silvio Berlusconi's government is to buy 100,000 of the country's beloved Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses from its hard-pressed producers at a cost to […]