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Highlights from Our D.C. Food Day

The City Paper editorial staff fanned out across the area yesterday to take a look at the way we eat, all the way down to Darrow Montgomery's dog, named Beans, appropriately enough. Fortunately, most of us, if not those poor souls at Washington Hospital Center, dine much better than Beans. Here are the highlights from […]

Personal Chef Neil Wilson on Bibles, Lemon Zest, and Thanksgiving Leftovers

This is personal Chef Neil Wilson. He used to be in the army—but now he makes delicious ravioli (seen here in its pressed dough, pre-stuffed from). Before becoming a personal chef, Wilson attended L'Academie de Cuisine and then worked as a line cook for Palena. Here are some of his cooking tips: Buy this book:The […]

In Praise of Transparency: North Sea’s Back Alley

Asking to see a restaurant's trash is like asking a stranger for a stool sample: You'll learn a lot if you look carefully, but you'll also have a hell of a time making your case. At the Cleveland Park Starbucks, a shift supervisor who requested to remain anonymous was tight-lipped on the subject of waste. […]

Hungry for Politics: The Wrap

LL learned a lot of food trivia today. For instance: Vincent Gray loves wonton soup. Loves the stuff. Had it for lunch today. His chief of staff regularly picks up a double order for him from the Meiwah Express stand at the Reagan Building food court. There's a great debate over which Starbucks to patronize […]

Here Comes A Regular

At 4:50 p.m., Tom, 88, grabs an empty table along the left side of the Washington Hospital Center's cafeteria. He takes off his cap and plops it in front of his food tray. The room is nearly empty. Two men in scrubs tap away at their phones. A teenage girl struggles through math homework. A […]

Hungry for Politics: Tommy Wells

Tommy Wells has been Ward 6 councilmember since 2007. Favorite Ward Haunts: "It really depends on the occasion. If my wife and I are beleaguered and had a rough week and we want comfort food, we go to La Loma. Sam Fuentes and his family take care of us....When you want to go to someplace […]

The Limited History of DC Basketball Bars and Restaurants

No town on the planet has produced more basketball stars. Yet when it comes to basketball bars, DC is Nowheresville. The only Bullets/Wizards spot with a pulse, in fact, is Grevey's. The former sharpshooter from Kentucky played for the Bullets from 1975 to 1983. He was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and played for two […]

Photos: And Mushroom Sauce…

Photo: Movie Theater Butter

The Pepsi Throwback Challenge

As part of Washington City Paper's food day, Will Mitchell and Erik Wemple pitted old Pepsi versus OLDER Pepsi, high fructose corn syrup versus cane sugar, Pepsi Throwback versus the same Pepsi Americans have been drinking with reckless abandon for decades. Here are the results: