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No Hooch For Heritage India: Liquor Sales Suspended at Blood-Stained Eatery

The District's ABC Board has predictably suspended Heritage India's liquor license following some deadly violence at the popular lunch spot turned late-night party palace over the weekend. Investigators say the event where the violence broke out was open to the public and had a cover charge, which, as the Examiner points out, "contradicts statements by […]

A ‘Private Party’ Turned Ugly: Heritage India Addresses Weekend Violence

Heritage India has issued a statement addressing the deadly violence taking place at the Dupont Circle restaurant over the weekend. The statement pins the blame squarely on the actions of a "private party." See the full statement here or read the text below:

Not An Isolated Incident: Heritage India Has A Rap Sheet

A deadly altercation at Heritage India over the weekend isn't the first time the Dupont Circle restaurant has been the scene of violence. The Washington Examiner digs into police and regulatory records and finds at least five prior incidents at that location over the past year, including "two sex abuse cases, a robbery with a […]

D.C. Liquor Officials Investigating Heritage India Incident

It was only a matter of time. WTOP is reporting that the District's Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) has ordered its own inquiry into the deadly violence at Heritage India restaurant in Dupont Circle over the weekend. The ABC Board will be discussing the matter in private during its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday.

Police Shut Down Heritage India After Deadly Saturday Night Violence

Authorities shuttered Heritage India on Sunday morning after some wee-hour revelry gone wrong at the Dupont Circle restaurant. A fight inside reportedly spilled out into the street where gunshots were fired. One man was killed and another two were injured from bullet wounds. Three others were stabbed. The deadly incident occurred long after regular dinner […]

Will D.C. Ever Get Tired Of Small Plates?

"We're not coming to D.C. because there's no good tapas here, we're coming because people like tapas."—restaurateur Yann de Rochefort, whose delayed Dupont Circle tapas joint Boqueria (soon expected to join the District's crowded field of small-plate spots) is now scheduled to open in January [Eater DC]

Bánh Mì: So Hot Right Now

Hot on the heels of Chipotle's new bánh mì eatery ShopHouse opening in Dupont Circle last week comes word of yet another downtown restaurant dedicated to the Vietnamese sandwich. The cutesy titled BONMi is opening in October at 900 19th St. NW, offering your choice of sous-vide pork, chicken, brisket, tofu or butternut squash atop […]

Gut Reaction: ShopHouse’s Pork And Chicken Meatballs Taste Like Falafel

It would seem that more members of the D.C. food media showed up for Thursday's 11 a.m. opening of Chipotle's hugely ballyhooed ShopHouse eatery than actual customers. By noon, though, a veritable line of diners had formed. For Y&H's first bite, I chose the pork and chicken meatball bánh mì. The meatballs had come highly […]

Banh Mi, Oh My! Chipotle’s ShopHouse Opening Sept. 15

DCist reports that Chipotle's hugely ballyhooed new Asian spin-off ShopHouse officially opens in Dupont Circle on Thursday, Sept. 15, with a menu offering two styles of entrees—bowls and banh mi (each priced around $7)—and your choice of proteins. It's the first firm launch date after various vague reports pegging the official start of business anywhere […]

ShopHouse Opening Soonish In Dupont Circle: ‘Is This The Birth Of A Billion-Dollar Baby?’

Chipotle spin-off ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, scheduled to open within days along Connecticut Avenue, just north of Dupont Circle, "may be the most anticipated restaurant launch in town," according to Fortune magazine. Investors, at least, are stoked about the new concept, which presents an opportunity for fast-growing Chipotle to "expand even beyond its current torrid […]