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Board Game-Themed Bar Opens in Dupont Tomorrow

Apparently, the only thing that takes longer than playing a game of Monopoly to the bitter end is waiting for D.C. health inspectors to show up. After several delays for that reason, Board Room plans to finally open in Dupont tomorrow at 4 p.m. The board game-themed bar will have 22 different board games—Mouse Trap, […]

Blast From The Past: Blowtorched Sushi Is Back at Uni

Back in 2004, Y&H alum Todd Kliman wrote about the scintillating fare at Uni: A Sushi Place, former Sushi-Ko chef James Tan's then-new restaurant near Dupont Circle. At the time, Kliman, now the restaurant critic at Washingtonian, seemed particularly taken with Tan's use of the blowtorch: A few seconds of torching and an otherwise conventional […]

Anatomy of a Sandwich: Fast Gourmet’s $13 Chivito

For gas-station fare, it’s tough to beat the chivito at Fast Gourmet, the fancy sandwich shop at Lowest Best Price Gas on 14th Street NW. The cost of regular unleaded now exceeds $4 per gallon, but the South American-style grinder, which earned City Paper‘s pick for “Best Uruguayan Sandwich” in 2011, is still a flat […]

Boqueria Opens In Dupont Circle On Mar. 15

Y&H just received word about the official grand opening party for Boqueria, the New York-based tapas restaurant moving in at the corner of M and 19th Streets NW near Dupont Circle. The event is slated for Wednesday, Mar. 14. For a tiny taste of what's to come from owner and Georgetown alum Yann de Rochefort, […]

Fast Gourmet Guys Getting More Gourmet With Second Eatery

“I’m not going to say it is going to be upscale, but it’s going to be more ambitious in terms of the quality of food. People can look for great homemade pasta.  We’re going to make different kinds of pasta over there from scratch.  We’ll have some select sandwiches from Fast Gourmet that we will […]

What’s Up With Little Serow’s Weird Country Music Obsession?

"We can't help but draw comparisons to a similar spirit we find in both Appalachia, where my mother is from, and the backwater town in Greece where Johnny's parents are from."—Little Serow co-owner Anne Marler, telling the Post's Tom Sietsema about the three-star Isaan-style Thai eatery's eclectic selection of background music, ranging from bluegrass to […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Really Funky Spot Edition

What does D.C.'s food truck saga say about the state of business in America? [Forbes] New food truck regulations will be published in the D.C. Register on Jan. 20. [HuffPo via WaPo] Chipotle boss Steve Ells has "a really funky spot" in mind for D.C.'s second ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. [The Daily Meal] Georgetown Candy […]

Heritage India Is Back In The Booze Business

The folks at Heritage India inform Y&H that the Dupont Circle restaurant is now serving alcohol again following a temporary suspension of its liquor license in the aftermath of some deadly violence there last month. The eatery has posted the following statement on its web site:

ABC Board Orders Heritage India To Stick To Food

Blood-stained Dupont Circle eatery Heritage India will be allowed to reopen for business on Dec. 21, provided it meets a number of conditions spelled out by city liquor regulators on Tuesday. The restrictions include: No live music or entertainment of any kind (that includes disc jockeys). Also: no promoters. The city's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) […]

One Bloody Mary Burger Coming Up: The New Black & Orange Is Almost Ready On 14th Street

Dupont Circle burger joint Black & Orange (formerly known as Rogue States) aims to open its second location near the corner of 14th and U Streets NW later this month. "We're shooting for before Christmas," chef-owner Raynold Mendizabal tells Y&H. If you've been waiting seemingly forever for Mendizabal to finally bring his whimsically titled beef patties […]