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Market Research: Peas

In M.F.K. Fisher’s An Alphabet for Gourmets, “P” is for peas. “I can compare bliss with near bliss, for I have often, blessed me, eaten superlative green peas,” Fisher writes. How to buy: Local shoppers will have a challenging time following Fisher’s dictate that peas “must be shelled at the very last second of the […]

What a Turkey: Some Fowl Marketing By Bev Eggleston

You might remember his harrowing pig calls from the Crafty Bastards festival this past October. (If you happened to be within earshot, how could you forget?) Now, the irrepressible Bev Eggleston of EcoFriendly Foods has gone the extra step to shill for his various ethically-raised animal products: he's donned feathers. Well, a cloth facsimile of […]