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How Will Don Rockwell Balance Advocating for Restaurants and Judging Them?

In the course of putting together this week's Young & Hungry column, editor Michael Schaffer wanted to know how Don Rockwell, the man behind his budding restaurant association and his eponymous board and project, could maintain his critical objectivity while advocating and promoting eateries. Good questions, I said. I'll find out.

Is Tom Sietsema’s Review of the Mussel Bar His Harshest on Record?

The review hasn't even officially hit doorsteps yet, but the foodie blogosphere is already buzzing about Tom Sietsema's take-down of the Mussel Bar, chef Robert Wiedmaier's kind of/sort of Brasserie Beck knock-off in Bethesda. Here are the pertinent grafs from Sietsema's half-star pan:

Don Rockwell Launches a D.C. Dining Concierge Service

For years, Don Rockwell has been giving his opinions away for free via his eponymous dining board, no doubt directing hundreds of customers to restaurants across the D.C. area. Rockwell has taken pride in two practices as the founder and one of the moderators of He pays for his meals, and for members of […]

Roberto Donna Owes Potentially Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Violations of Fair Labor Act

Just when things were moving in the right direction for Roberto Donna, the celebrity chef now finds himself on the hook for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the D.C. Wage Payment and Collection Law (DCWPCL). On Tuesday, Judge Royce C. Lamberth of […]

The Locavore Wine Controversy Just Won’t Die

Earlier this week, when I asked Todd Kliman if he wanted to respond to Meshelle Armstrong's letter semi-critical of his Daily Beast essay, "The Locavore Wine Hypocrisy," the Washingtonian food and wine editor begged off. Later that same day, he wrote his own response on his Tuesday chat:

Was the Winner of Our Restaurant Week Contest a Ringer?

Daniel Korn Daniel Korn won our Restaurant Week review contest fair and square. Of course, he's had a little practice: He's been a member of since May 2005 and has posted — I kid you not — more than 2,700 comments on that board. I asked Korn if he put a little extra effort into […]