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ROC-United Supports the People Who Actually Cook and Serve You Food

A couple of weeks ago, I was telling you about Don Rockwell's fledgling campaign to start an independent restaurant association that would represent workers in the hospitality industry, right down to providing them health care. Little did I know that there already was an organization in town trying to do exactly that. A few days […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Readers learned that Sietsema's take down of the Mussel Bar paled in comparison to his trashing of Le Pigalle. Don Rockwell's budding organization may not have any members yet, or even any services to give them, but  his Association of Independent Restaurants has plenty of reader attention. Presumably AIR has stirred up plenty of industry […]

How Will Don Rockwell Balance Advocating for Restaurants and Judging Them?

In the course of putting together this week's Young & Hungry column, editor Michael Schaffer wanted to know how Don Rockwell, the man behind his budding restaurant association and his eponymous board and project, could maintain his critical objectivity while advocating and promoting eateries. Good questions, I said. I'll find out.

Independents’ Day: Foodie Website Founder Don Rockwell Starts A New Restaurant Association

By his own estimate, Don Rockwell eats approximately 700 restaurant meals a year, spending nearly $30,000 of his modest computer consultant’s salary at high and low-end establishments alike. Rockwell reviews many of those meals in minute detail on his eponymous food board, which he founded in 2005 and which has become a prime local destination […]

Don Rockwell Launches a D.C. Dining Concierge Service

For years, Don Rockwell has been giving his opinions away for free via his eponymous dining board, no doubt directing hundreds of customers to restaurants across the D.C. area. Rockwell has taken pride in two practices as the founder and one of the moderators of He pays for his meals, and for members of […]

Food News You Can Use: Where in the World Is Frank Morales?

Michael Landrum gobbles up more kitchen talent It didn't take Frank Morales long to land on his feet. Just weeks after parting ways with Jackie Greenbaum and her industrial go-go/modern American eatery, Jackie's in Silver Spring, Morales found a new gig. It's our lead item in this edition of Food News You Can Use: Michael Landrum […]

Which Sources Do Readers Trust for Restaurant Commentary? The Ts Have It.

OK, if Zagat's time is over, as Y&H argues in tomorrow's cover story, where do you turn for reliable commentary and ratings on restaurants? Yelp? Chowhound? Urban Spoon? DonRockwell? Or some other outlet? I don't think we've reached any sort of consensus yet, but the early response to my question this week is leaning hard […]

Sudhir Seth and Monica Bhide Collaborate on Indian Crab Dinner

What started as a simple request on the board has blossomed into a full-fledged Indian crab dinner/book signing/general-foodie-wonkiness dinner at Spice Xing in Rockville on Sunday, July 12. Sudhir Seth, chef and owner of both Passage to India and Spice Xing, will team up with cookbook author Monica Bhide to offer a three-course dinner […]

Obama Ate Here: The Working Map

Alex Nicholson over at BrightestYoungThings got bored and decided to put together a Google map on where the Obama family has eaten since they moved into the White House. As Nicholson writes, "If you tell your boss you are making an 'Obama Ate Here' Google Map, and she says it's a good idea, it's okay […]

Landrum Releases ‘The Catch’ to Bring On More Burgers

Maverick meat man Michael Landrum — I just love saying those words together — informed his many Rockwellian followers yesterday that he's temporarily shelving his plans to open Ray's The Catch in favor of expanding his tiny Ray's Hell Burger shop. You can blame the president for dry-docking The Catch.