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Mobile Vendors Will Team Up With Restaurants for Food Truck Week

PhoWheels and Toki Underground are among the those pairing up for various specials.

New Food Truck Zones Coming to Rosslyn

"It could completely eviscerate vending in Rosslyn or it could turn out to be OK over time," says DMV Food Truck Association Chairman Doug Povich.

Food Truck Association Launches Its Own Awards

For the first time this year, the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington introduced a new category to its annual RAMMY awards that finally made food trucks eligible for the prize. Ultimately, though, no mobile vendors were nominated to this "fast bites" category, which also covered quick-serve spots, delis, and coffee shops with food. That's OK, though, because now the […]

Alexandria Loosens Rules for Food Trucks

Alexandria has long had some of the most limiting restrictions on food trucks in the region. In fact, mobile vendors are currently banned, except for construction sites and permitted special events. That's all about to change: the Alexandria City Council voted over the weekend to allow food trucks to vend at parks, schools, churches, farmers' markets, and other […]

Food Truck Association Fights to Lift Ban in Alexandria

Now that the fight over D.C.'s food truck regulations is over, the DMV Food Truck Association has its eye on reform of Alexandria's mobile vending scene, which is currently nonexistent. Food trucks are banned in Alexandria, except for construction sites and permitted special events. Today, the food truck association launches its "Alexandria Hearts Food Trucks […]