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Who Are the Mystery Owners of the Distillery Pub Coming to 14th and U Streets NW?

Not even the distillery pub's publicist seems to know.

Founding Farmers Team Opening $7 Million Distillery Pub in Mt. Vernon Triangle

Farmers & Distillers is coming to 600 Massachusetts Ave. NW in the fall of 2016.

Does D.C.’s Distillery Pub Permit Cost Too Much?

Hank's Oyster Bar owner Jamie Leeds hoped to produce alcohol at her D.C. restaurants, but the annual fees were too high.

Restaurants Can Now Make and Sell Their Own Booze

Will distillery pubs soon be the new brewpubs? A recently enacted D.C. law allows restaurants to distill their own liquor on premises or next door, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration announced today. The distillery pub permit, which is also available to tavern, nightclub, and hotel licensees, allows establishments to sell the liquor they produce for on- […]