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For the Young & Hungry: What’s Out for 2010 and What’s In for 2011

Food trucks flooded our streets and Twitter feeds. Connecticut Avenue welcomed a whole lot of ground-meat options (and then kicked one out.) In an age of comfort food, family-style Italian filled our carb-deprived bellies. But will mobile food, burgers and comfort food dominate 2011? Will small plates finally die? Here's our break down on what […]

More Gasbagging on the Future of Food

Y&H has a fascination with folks who like to predict future dining/eating trends. They're a bit like soothsayers and snake-oil salesmen, but with better job titles. The perky people over at the Food Channel sent me this particular batch of predictions, most of which seem obvious and maybe even outdated. I don't know much about the […]

BYT Rounds Up the Best and Worst of 2009

Guess which trend got dissed by local food writers? Yes, it's started already: The lists. The roundups. The endless regurgitation of the year's best and worst in dining trends/meals/restaurants/chefs/bathroom door handles. We love 'em, and we hate 'em. BrightestYoungThings gets out of the gate early with its D.C. Foodie Writer 2009 Wrap Up, which includes […]

Chow’s The Year in Food 2008 has just released its entertaining, if annoyingly click-heavy, feature The Year in Food 2008. It breaks down the year into nine neat categories, including environmental issues (good and bad), trendy eats, recessionary dining options, and media, among others. Among the subjects are Michael Phelps and his 12,000-calorie diet, Batter Blaster, and the ousting of […]