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Five Local Food Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Diners and tiki bars are coming!

Four Diners Coming Soon to the D.C.-Area

The diner is making a comeback.

What to Expect From Community, a Diner Coming to Bethesda

The menu won't have any twists on this or updates on that—expect classic diner fare.

Going, Going…Where? Capital City Diner Moved To Yet Undisclosed Location

NBC Washington has "raw video" of crews relocating the shuttered Capital City Diner from its prior setting in Trinidad to a yet undisclosed location. Eater, meanwhile, points to Twitter updates by owner Matt Ashburn hinting at a full reveal on the shiny 1940s-era diner's new home later today. More details as they become available. Watch […]

Shuttered Capital City Diner Not Going Anywhere (Maybe)

The owner of the Capital City Diner in Trinidad, which shuttered in January, tells Y&H alum and current Post scribe Tim Carman that he's close to selling the shiny 1940s-era diner. Better news: the apparent buyer wants to keep it in the District. Proprietor Matt Ashburn isn't dishing up any additional details, however, until the […]

Shuttered Capital City Diner Now Up For Sale On Ebay

More bad news for fans of the shuttered Capital City Diner: The Atlantic reports that owners Matt Ashburn and Patrick Carl have put their shiny 1940s-style diner up for sale on eBay. The internet auction suggests that the much heralded New York transplant, which Ashburn and Carl imported to Trinidad back in 2009, could wind […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: RIS

Chef Ris Lacoste’s mentor, the Beard-winning Bob Kinkead, always pushed his prize pupil to open a diner. Kinkead wasn’t trying to suggest that Lacoste lacks the skills to lead her own fine-dining establishment. He was acknowledging something true about the woman who kept his restaurants humming for years: Lacoste always wanted her own diner—or, more […]

Roadside Magazine Publisher Pissed That Silver Diner Plans to Raze Its Rockville Location

The publisher of Roadside, the magazine long dedicated to the chrome culture of classic diners, is not at all happy with Silver Diner's plan to demolish its Rockville location and build a spacious new $4.5 million diner just down the road. Roadside's Randy Garbin writes that he first visited the Rockville diner shortly after it […]

So Why Did Capital City Diner Apply for a Liquor License?

When I spoke with Capital City Diner co-owner Matt Ashburn back in February, he didn't rule out the idea of serving liquor but thought he'd wait at least a year or two before applying for a license. He wanted to establish his business first in Trinidad. The news last week that Cap City applied for […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Capital City Diner

You know what? I don’t give a damn that Capital City Diner buys the majority of its ingredients from a giant food-service company, and I’ll tell you why. Sometimes I love a place just because of its history or its significance to a neighborhood or its atmosphere. (I’m sorry, but I don’t visit Florida Avenue […]