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What a Dumpling! Ping Pong Dim Sum Opens Tonight in Dupont

London-based chain Ping Pong Dim Sum officially opens its newest D.C. location in Dupont Circle on Wednesday. According to the eatery's Twitter feed, doors open at 5 p.m. For some perspective, read my Young & Hungry predecessor Tim Carman's take on how Ping Pong's fare stacks up against the hand-made dim sum at Wheaton's Hollywood […]

Words to Eat By: Roasted Chicken at Fortune

Reading about food on an empty stomach can be frustrating. Especially when it's this nice description of roasted chicken at Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Seven Corners, which offers push-cart dim sum: ...[I]f you can get the roasted chicken on its first pass through the dining room, then it’s a real steal. This is one […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Hollywood East Cafe

Janet Yu from Hollywood East Hollywood East’s forced relocation wasn’t easy on anybody, neither the owners nor the many diners who had come to rely on Janet Yu’s University Boulevard outpost for their daily dose of dim sum. When the Yu family finally reopened its place in April, it was in the Westfield Shopping Center, […]

Hollywood Vs. Chinatown: A Tale of Two Dim Sum Palaces

This week's Young & Hungry column takes a look at two very different dim sum parlors, Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton and Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown. One is a local, family-owned operation, the other an import from London. We're publishing the full version of the column in the blog, so that you can […]

A Look Inside Hollywood East’s Dim Sum Kitchen

This week's Young & Hungry column takes a look at two different dim sum palaces: the sleek, lounge-y, London-import Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown and the informal, family-oriented Hollywood East Cafe, which recently reopened in the Westfield Shopping Center. In preparation for the story, I asked Hollywood East owner Janet Yu if she would […]

Hollywood East Finally Opens Tomorrow But Without Dim Sum

Every time Hollywood East Cafe owner Janet Yu thought she was on the verge of reopening her esteemed dim sum parlor, there'd be yet another delay. Maybe it was because the cranes needed to install some rooftop units weren't allowed to clog up the Westfield Shopping Center parking lot during Christmas season. Or maybe it […]

Flowering Teas at Ping Pong Dim Sum

Despite the long, well-stocked bar at Ping Pong Dim Sum, the proper way to snack your way through the small bites here is with a cup of tea, which is both historically correct and digestively beneficial. Ping Pong managers, perhaps hoping to make extra bank off their $11 Asian Manhattans, might not like hearing this, but it's true. To […]

Hollywood East Cafe’s Opening Has Been Pushed Back Again

Hollywood East Cafe's construction delays would be almost comical if they weren't costing owner Janet Yu money. She has already started paying rent on her space inside the Westfield Shopping Center in Wheaton, and she could really use some revenue to offset her overhead. "It better be [open] before the end of the month," Yu […]

How Not to Handle a Last-Minute Reservation

  We've all been there: the last-minute phone call to a restaurant to see if we can possibly, pretty please squeeze in a reservation for that evening. It's no doubt exasperating for the host/hostess/reservationist but all it requires on their end is simple one-word response: "No." Done. We're on to the next phone call. Last week, […]

Hollywood East Cafe Owner Hopes to Reopen in Two Weeks

While Y&H was on vacation last week — not that my wife or my editor could really tell — I got an e-mail from reader Lawrence, who was equally confused about my working status. He wrote to say: The latest information I can find about the anticipated opening of the new Hollywood East is your article of […]