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Little Sesame’s Hummus Bowls, Dissected

Hummus is no longer just a side.

DGS Delicatessen Brings Back Jewish Christmas With Minibar and Maketto Chefs

Celebrate Christmas with Chinese food.

DGS Delicatessen Team Will Open Little Sesame Hummus Shop

The fast-casual restaurant will offer hummus-centric bowls with a range of toppings.

DGS Delicatessen Adds An Extra Dose of Nostalgia at Mosaic District Location

The menu is more or less the same but the decor is more reminiscent of traditional New York delis.

Nacho Mama’s Nachos: Unconventional Takes on the Classic Snack

From DGS Delicatessen, Right Proper, and more

Three Sophisticated Piña Coladas You Should Try

Piña coladas are more often appreciated by Banana Boat–slathered sun seekers than serious cocktail connoisseurs. That’s a shame, says DGS Delicatessen Beverage Director Brian Zipin, because “the piña colada along with the Mai Tai are the two greatest drinks in the world, in my opinion—except for Manhattans.” Zipin and a number of other top bartenders […]

BLT Steak Serves Gefilte Fish for $35 on Its Passover Menu

Whether you love it or hate it, gefilte fish is just one of those foods that you can't make sexy. The Passover staple—typically made with ground carp, whitefish, or pike—is mushy, fishy, and an unappetizing grayish-tan color. While many people buy the stinky stuff in jars, chefs have made many attempts over the years to […]

Six Bottomless Brunch Bargains

Bottomless brunches may be a time-tested method for forestalling a weekend’s inevitable hangover via the ingestion of rubbery eggs Benedict and watery mimosas. Luckily, a handful of local brunch haunts offer all-you-can-eat or -drink menus that are both palatable and reasonably priced. This weekend, skip the $40-plus food-as-an-afterthought spots, and get a decent midday buzz […]

Try Pastrami Fried Rice and Matzo Ball Egg Drop Soup at DGS Delicatessen on Christmas Eve

For the team at DGS Delicatessen, and many Jews, it's tradition to spend Christmas eating Chinese food. Chef Barry Koslow has long frequented Peking Gourmet in Falls Church when the holiday rolls around. "It just seems to be the Jewish thing to do," Koslow says. "They say it's one of their busiest days of the year. And it's all Jews." […]

DC Brau and DGS Delicatessen Collaborate on a New Brew

DC Brau is on a roll with its restaurant collaborations. The brewery teamed up with The Red Hen on a barrel-aged brew released last week. Next comes The Golden Calf, a collaboration with DGS Delicatessen. The limited-edition beer combines DC Brau's Yonder Cities, a Belgian IPA, with DGS Delicatessen's slivovitz plum mash. Slivovitz is a plum brandy […]