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Yes, the Economy’s Bad, But Has It Really Come Down to Serving Candy for Dessert?

To be fair, The Liberty Tavern, one of my favorite dining spots in Clarendon, did have little dry chocolate mousse cups on their Sunday brunch dessert bar, but the majority of the sweets on the table were commercial candies, including Tootsie Rolls, Necco Wafers, Whoppers, Mary Janes, and, ugh, Pixy Stix.

Food Tats: Cupcakes Are the New Skulls

Mike Licht over at NotionsCapital got way too much of my attention this afternoon with his recent post on food tattoos (scroll down to the bottom of the page to read it). Says Licht: "Cupcakes are big this season, on hips, shoulders, calves, bums, and bosoms." He's not kidding. But what's interesting is how this unstoppable craze is expressed in […]

Michel Richard Cookies for the Holidays: Not Good Enough?

My friend Lou is a terrific home cook, particularly with desserts. Get a load of his red-wine poached pears—the treat that was almost too gorgeous to eat. (Almost.) As you can see from that one example, Lou doesn't take shortcuts, even when it comes to a cookie-baking contest for a holiday office party. The dude […]