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Bakeshop Finally Has Its Own Place. You Should Be Grateful.

Until Justin Stegall recently opened his own place in the Zoso Flats building (cue "Black Dog," dude) in Clarendon, he was sort of a phantom presence on the scene. His cupcakes could be found at java shops like Chinatown Coffee Co., but he was always just a name, sometimes just a first name, without either face or […]

The Art of Decorating Cupcakes

Remember in December when we at Y&H Central launched into a debate over the profitability of cupcake shops? After those posts were published, I got into another debate with a local restaurateur (who preferred to stay off the record). He suggested the overhead at cupcake shops is higher than I might think; he pointed out that […]

Pilgrim’s Pride: The Dessert Course

As we head into Thanksgiving, Y&H wants to help you eat like a pilgrim (a Native American, too, because we’re all about equal opportunity eating here). In other words, we want to help you eat locally for the holiday. Almost 400 years ago, the pilgrims had no choice but to eat local. These days, we […]

David Guas Shows Al Roker How to Make Mini-Fried Apple Pies

D.C. pastry chef David Guas was on the Today show yesterday, showing Al Roker how to make a fried apple pie recipe from his terrific new cookbook, DamGoodSweet, which Y&H pondered a few days back. Listen, I know morning TV has all the depth of pond scum, but is it too much for Roker to […]

David Guas Gets Sweet on His Native New Orleans

This weekend, I spent a bit of time with David Guas' debut cookbook, DamGoodSweet, in which the former pastry chef for Passion Food Hospitality recreates many of his favorite treats from New Orleans where he grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward, that area devastated by Katrina. The book, just released yesterday, almost cries with […]

Vegan Treats: Desserts That a Butter Man Could Love?

No animals were harmed in the making of these desserts. Last Friday, we here at Y&H Central sampled some new seasonal desserts created by Danielle Konya, founder of the Pennsylvania-based Vegan Treats, a bakery that employs the nuclear option when making sweets. VT uses no butter, eggs, cream, or cream cheese. Konya, after all, is […]

Dish of the Week: POLLYstyle Pecan and Cranberry Rugelach

By and large, I'm not so fond of packaged sweets, which tend to cater to the lowest-common palate and its taste for sugar, sugar, and more sugar. But Polly Brown's handiwork is different. The former pastry chef at Teaism has developed a thriving business selling treats to a number of shops and cafes under her […]

Bibiana Hires Central’s Pastry Chef Hernandez

Bibiana has hired Douglas Hernandez, pastry chef at Central Michel Richard, to handle the desserts at the forthcoming downtown osteria/enoteca from Ashok Bajaj. Bibiana will have its "soft" opening on Monday, Sept. 7. Hernandez has been with Central for more than two years, says Mel Davis, spokesperson for the celebrity chef. At Central, Hernandez has […]

Homemade Twinkies at Wagshal’s Deli

When a friend told me that Wagshal's Delicatessen was selling its own version of America's iconic junk food, the Twinkie, I got all excited. Perhaps now, I thought, we could eat a cream-filled cake that wouldn't require an entire book to catalog (and rationalize) its ingredients. Maybe we'd even get a cream-filled snack stuffed with, […]

Solid Gold: Iranian Ice Cream in Vienna

After gobbling down a number of dishes at Friends Kabob, a Persian/Middle Eastern newbie along Chain Bridge Road in Vienna, I really wanted to sample the "carrot juice and ice cream float," which I thought sounded like either a forerunner of those modern, savory-savvy desserts or just plain wrong. I didn't get a chance to […]