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José Andrés Is Going For a More Surrealist Vibe at Jaleo

"There may be some similar items but this will be a new unique look for Jaleo. We are moving away from the Flamenco dancer and more to a Dali-like, modern, provocative look.”—Chef José Andrés, speaking to WaPo critic Tom Sietsema about the forthcoming design makeover of his pioneering Penn Quarter tapas joint

Secret Hand Signals and Social Cues: Rogue 24 Operates Like a Baseball Game

"The customers never have to know," Matthew Carroll told me during a party for Gilt City's D.C. launch, as he explains the hand gestures that will govern front-of-house service at Rogue 24. The hugely hyped eatery from former Vidalia chef R.J. Cooper opens tonight in Shaw's Bladgen Alley. At first, it looks like every other restaurant […]

How a Personal Chef Designs a Kitchen

Let's say you cooked in three to five different kitchens every week, and you did that for a period of several years? Well you'd probably be pretty good at designing a kitchen. Personal chef Monica Thomas has that background, plus several years catering experience, not to mention a big family that expects some plate-filling from […]