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Take a Look at Columbia Room’s Punch Garden Menu

Yep, there's punch.

Chair Necessities: A Lot of Thought Went Into Your Restaurant Seat

Custom furniture is becoming more popular at D.C.-area restaurants and bars.

Everything You Need to Know About the New Expanded Columbia Room

It opens Feb. 9 in Shaw's Blagden Alley.

The 10 Most Anticipated Restaurant and Bar Openings of 2016

There will be pizza. And pastrami. And plenty of reasons to get tipsy.

Mockingbird Hill Transforms Into a Christmas/Hanukkah Bar This Month

The tinsel—it's everywhere!

Meet the Guy Who’s Bringing a Vinegar Revolution to D.C.

Daniel Liberson forages for elderflower, wild chamomile, and other lesser known plants for his Lindera Farms Vinegar.

Derek Brown Is “Chief Spirits Advisor” For the National Archives’ New Exhibit on Booze

Brown will curate 10 seminars about cocktail history that will run until January.

Diners and Servers Mingle at Public Staff Meals and Industry Nights

The relationship between staff and patrons is becoming more casual and open.

Guest Bartenders Will Take Over Columbia Room Before It Closes

Even Derek Brown will get behind the bar.

Occupy Bar Seat: Last Call? No, Just the End of Your Reservation.

Dram & Grain and other cocktail bars only allow two hour reservations.