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Nose-to-Tail Population Control

To fight overpopulation, the National Park Service plans to start hunting deer in Rock Creek Park this winter. Officials plan to give the meat to local food banks. While the cull has been controversial with some animal rights groups, chef Robert Wiedmaier is all for it. The owner of Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck frequently features […]

Watch Out Cupcakeries: Frosting-Fueled Human Rage Could Strike at Any Time!

In October 2005, a confused deer somehow wandered into Georgetown, and went on a rampage inside the Ralph Lauren and Diesel stores, an episode that "drew larger crowds than actress Nicole Kidman, who was in the area filming a movie earlier in the day," The Washington Post reported at the time. While that deer rampage […]

Deer Dines and Dashes from Michigan Restaurant

You know the thing that amazes me about this video? How the deer crashes through the plate glass at this Livonia, Mich. restaurant, but then exits politely and quickly through the front door. I mean, if the poor deer had opposable thumbs, he'd have entered through the proper door to begin with.