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How Restaurant Week Really Works

All this week, Mintwood Place chef Cedric Maupillier will show up an hour earlier to work and leave an hour later. He’s also reinforced the troops: an additional cook, server, food runner, and busser. This is not a week for kitchen rookies. This is the week to bring in the people who’ve already proven themselves. […]

Dino’s Grotto Has Arrived in Shaw

After closing his Cleveland Park restaurant Dino earlier this year, chef/owner Dean Gold officially opens his new spot, Dino’s Grotto, in Shaw tonight. Some things you may recognize: Much of the art and tableware come from Dino. The popular Dino burger also makes its return. And several other customer favorites, like lasagna, boar pasta, and meatballs, get their own […]

Don’t Be the Jerk Who Doesn’t Show Up for a Valentine’s Day Table You Booked

Dino owner Dean Gold has heard every excuse—real or not—about why you couldn’t show up for your dinner reservation. “‘Oh, you know, we had a medical emergency,’” says Gold, repeating one common refrain. “And we’ve heard insanely tragic ones. We heard someone had a miscarriage.” Some swear they cancelled last week, when, in fact, they […]

Dean Gold’s New Restaurant Will Be Called Dino’s Grotto

As Dino prepares to close its Cleveland Park location next month, owner Dean Gold reveals a few new deals about his next restaurant, Dino's Grotto. In his email newsletter, Gold says he's still negotiating a lease on a primary location in Shaw and has also looked at several other spots. Dino will serve its regular […]

Dino Closing its Doors, Citing Competition and Federal Turmoil

After eight and a half years and a pile of accolades, Cleveland Park standby Dino is closing its doors. Reached by phone, owner Dean Gold confirms that the restaurant will shutter at an undetermined date in the coming weeks, citing a wild financial ride this summer and fall. "Business just took a turn south in […]

What To Eat Tonight: Prosciutto-Wrapped Snakehead at Dino

Dino's Dean Gold is the latest D.C. chef to embrace one of the hottest trends in the sustainable seafood movement. Tonight, he's serving up snakehead—the invasive species from Asia that is overtaking Chesapeake-area rivers and "a fish you can feel good about depleting," as Volt's Bryan Voltaggio told the Baltimore Sun last summer. Gold is […]

What To Eat (And Drink) Tonight: Half-Smoke and Stout at Bourbon Steak

Tonight: Time is running out to take advantage of the popular $7 smoke 'n' stout special at Bourbon Steak. Available until the end of February, the popular off-menu option pairs a half-smoke sausage from Nate Anda's Red Apron Butchery (dressed in one of two ways: topped with venison chili and cheese, or sauerkraut and ketchup) […]

Dino’s Dean Gold Hopes To Stay Put In Cleveland Park

Not too long ago, things were looking pretty bleak for popular Cleveland Park eatery Dino. "As of this past summer, it didn’t look like it made a lot of sense for me to continue here," says proprietor Dean Gold, citing sluggish business, mounting debt and a lease that's set to expire this coming October. Y&H […]

Webbed Feat: Has Pork Finally Met Its Barnyard Match in Duck?

Drew Trautmann’s new District Kitchen in Woodley Park is just the sort of urban-take-on-rustic-charm type of restaurant to suit our decade’s back-to-basics style. Which means it’s the kind of place you expect to see the barnyard’s most fashionable animal stamp her distinctive hoof-prints across the entire menu. I’m talking, of course, about pig. From trendy […]

Food News You Can Use: The Heavy Drinking Issue

So much for the summer doldrums. Let's get right into the news. Dino owner Dean Gold wants to open a second restaurant, this one with more beer. [TBD] The new Metrocurean is born! [Metrocurean, duh] This just in, bro: Heavy drinking will extend your life. [Time]