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Has Korean Fare Jumped the Shark?

Question: When Arthur Treacher's, the once proud but somewhat faded fish-and-chips chain, offers a bugolgi with rice special for $6.99, does that mean that Korean cuisine as a hot trend has jumped the shark? (Let's hope not.) On a related note: Has anyone tried California Tortilla's newish Korean BBQ taco special? Y&H was afraid to […]

The Rogue States Verdict: What Others Are Saying

Y&H wasn't the only one with thoughts on the Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States verdict. Take a look: Above the Law: "Steptoe & Johnson is one of the few large law firms with a Twitter presence, but the firm has yet to tweet about how it chewed up and spat out Rogue States Burgers." […]

Michelle Rhee’s Favorite D.C. Restaurants Run the Gamut

The mayoral election may be a referendum on D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and her role in transforming the school district, but I'd like to conduct a mini-referendum on her taste in food. According to a DCist interview that I'm just catching up with, the chancellor singled out these restaurants as her favorites: Well […]

Scott Reitz Joins Y&H Team to Blog About Bar Food and Home Cooking

You may have read Scott Reitz's food writing at the Washington Post. Or on DCist. Or even on his own no-holds-barred blog, District Plates. But starting on Monday, you'll find Scott Reitz right here on Young & Hungry, writing about home cooking and that increasingly crowded (and overlooked) topic of bar food. If you've read […]

Ray’s Hell Burger: CityVista Bound or Not?

The question of the day is whether or not Ray's Hell Burger, the prez's preferred patty, will be opening a D.C. location at CityVista. Prince of Petworth, as is our liege's habit, teases us with such a rumor. But DCist, you know, actually did some reporting and asked owner Michael Landrum if he's planning an […]

Food News You Can Use: ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Contestants ‘Suck Balls’

The mood over this season's Top Chef is turning dark. The critics are claiming the cheftestants (still can't stomach that word) are inferior to previous seasons. Hell, they can't even make a pie. The media have their say: Joe Yonan and Bonnie Benwick over at WaPo, ahem, knead-le the chefs over their pies: "If you […]

ESPN Zone Closes, People Care

It's hard to imagine a news event this week that required less reflection than the shuttering of ESPN Zone restaurants in Washington and Baltimore, but the Wednesday announcement set DCist commenters buzzing. The Post covered the basics, which also includes the closing of New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. One ESPN Zone loyalist writing on […]

Big Chair Coffee: Big News for Anacostia

Nearly four years ago, WCP senior writer Jason Cherkis explained the woeful state of the sit-down restaurant in Ward 8. He summed it up in one concise sentence: "Ward 8’s culinary culture right now is the carryout."  Consider this excerpt: People don’t power-lunch in Ward 8. For the most part, people who eat out communicate […]

Don’t Mind DCist, Life and Limb Is Indeed Almost Gone

Looks like DCist cracked their Friday beers early today. Jamie R. Liu posted a story this afternoon linking to a Lagerheads post about the Sierra Nevada-Dogfish Head collaborations "Life and Limb" and "Limb and Life" — from November. As Y&H readers and Twitter followers know, Limb and Life was gone from the face of the […]

BYT Rounds Up the Best and Worst of 2009

Guess which trend got dissed by local food writers? Yes, it's started already: The lists. The roundups. The endless regurgitation of the year's best and worst in dining trends/meals/restaurants/chefs/bathroom door handles. We love 'em, and we hate 'em. BrightestYoungThings gets out of the gate early with its D.C. Foodie Writer 2009 Wrap Up, which includes […]