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Mobilizing: How D.C.’s Food Trucks Learned to Love Lobbying

It’s Farragut Friday, and a dozen food trucks are buzzingwith office workers on their lunch breaks. But instead of feeding customers, TaKorean’s Mike Lenard and DC Slice’s Tom MacDonald stand in the middle of Farragut Square in their red “Truck Yeah!” T-shirts with a folder full of press releases and measuring tape. “There’s no guarantee […]

Food Trucks to Deploy to RFK for D.C. United Opener

Are you sick of the old-and-tired food options at the old-and-tired RFK Stadium for D.C. United games? D.C.'s obsession with mobile food options is about to change that. United team officials announced this afternoon that four food trucks, Eat Wonky, Dangerously Delicious Pies, DC Slices, and BBQ Bandidos, will be stationed in Lot 8 prior […]

Outside L’Enfant Metro: The Center of the Food Truck Universe

Part of the joy and frustration of food trucks is hunting them down. With a hand-held device and a working Twitter account — assuming you don't run into this lazy whale — you can take part in the culinary equivalent of geocaching. Some days, of course, I don't find the food-truck-hunting game very entertaining (particularly […]