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Don’t Call It a Sports Bar: The Gryphon Plans October Reopening

The Gryphon will downplay its sports bar component when the Dupont restaurant reopens the first week of October, after more than three months of renovations and conceptual changes. Co-owner Tony Hudgins describes the retooled Gryphon as a loungy "high-energy steakhouse." Hudgins admits that The Gryphon's March opening was rushed. Construction had already delayed the opening, […]

Lost Society in Translation: What Does ‘Boutique Steakhouse’ Even Mean?

In the magical world of marketing, the term "boutique" is bandied around as an instant signifier of cool cred. You see it in the lodging industry, for example, used to describe virtually any place not labeled Hilton, Marriott, or Motel 6, otherwise identified through its modish furnishings and eco-friendly towel-laundering policies. Which brings us to […]