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Y&H to Talk Pizzas, from New Haven to Neapolitan, on Metro Connection

The New Haven white clam pie at Pete's Today on Metro Connection, host David Furst and I talk about D.C.'s pizza scene. With the additions of Pizzeria Orso, Pupatella, Pacci's, Il Canale, Seventh Hill, and the second location of Pete's Apizza, I make the argument that the D.C. metro area now has a vibrant, serious-minded […]

Y&H Talks Food Carts and Trucks Today on Metro Connection

If you haven't noticed yet, it's food-cart season, which is a decidedly mixed blessing here in the District, where our street offerings still lean toward the juvenile:  dirty-water dogs, chips, and a soda. So will anything be different this spring? Will our streets be awash with better options? And of the current crop of food carts and […]

The Year in D.C. Food & Drink

Tacos took off in D.C. in 2009 Good God, I can even begin to wrap my mind around all the things that happened on the D.C. dining scene during the past 12 months. Fortunately, not all of them were as apocalyptic as the closing of your favorite restaurant or the passing of Ben Ali. For […]

Bon Appétit Names Peregrine Espresso One of the 10 Best Boutique Coffee Shops

In its January issue, Bon Appétit lists the 10 best boutique coffee shops in America, and sneaking in right at the bottom is D.C.'s Peregrine Espresso, which also took home top honors in our most recent Best of D.C. issue. Writes BA on Peregrine: You've heard of microbrewed beer, but what about coffee? On Capitol Hill, […]

Y&H Talks Coffee Today with David Furst on Metro Connection

We in the District and beyond are enjoying the finest coffee we've ever known, and it's coming from all sides and in different forms. You have shops like Misha's, M.E. Swing,  Sidamo, and the relative newcomer, Qualia on Georgia Avenue, which all roast and sometimes blend their own coffees. Then you have operations like Peregrine, Chinatown Coffee Co., […]

Y&H Speaks Italian Today on WAMU

You can't throw a meatball — no, sorry, a gnocco slathered in goat ragu — without hitting some downtown Italian restaurant these days. I wrote about the crowded field in a recent Y&H column, but since that piece, Bibiana has opened and more Italian places are planned for neighborhoods just around the perimeter of downtown, including a […]

Y&H and David Furst Talk D.C. Signature Dishes…And Philly Cheesesteaks

  This afternoon, Y&H will be on Metro Connection to mix it up with host David Furst about D.C.'s lack of a signature dish — and why the half-smoke just doesn't cut it as our town's iconic meal. But we'll also talk about a culinary trait that does define D.C.: Our desire to recreate the […]

More on Diners This Afternoon on Metro Connection

You'll have to excuse my recent fascination with diners. Yes, I love almost everything about them: their endless menus, their hon-heavy waitresses, and their willingness to serve you a stack a syrupy flapjacks at 3 in the morning, no questions asked. But during our current economic meltdown, I love diners mostly for their symbolism. They're […]

Memo to Self: Learn How to Pronounce “Charque,” You Dumbass

My problem with appearing on radio—aside from the fact that I can't edit or fact-check anything once it's out of my damn mouth—is that I actually have to pronounce some of the ethnic dishes I normally write about. Like last week, when Metro Connection host David Furst and I discussed the Bolivian options available in […]

Good Veggie Food Can Be Found In Non-Veggie Restaurants

My main gripe with Compassion Over Killing's Three Green Awards has less to do with its questionable decision to reward the participants in COK's Restaurant Outreach Program than with the voters' decision to focus almost exclusively on all-vegetarian restaurants. Their votes smack of ideology as much as taste. Believe me, you can get much better […]