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Daniel Boulud Looks to Ingratiate Himself in D.C. in a Way Other Celebrity Chefs Haven’t

“There’s a little part of me in D.C. every time I come," says the celebrity chef

Ramen Corner

At first glance, the listing for “pig ramen” seems as alien as SpaghettiOs on a sushi menu. Among the lamb and pork meatballs and Carolina smoked barbecue available at The Pig, Logan Circle’s newest hog-centric Americana eatery, I’m surprised to find a bowl of Asian noodle soup. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. In a time when […]

Pappy Is A Rolling Stone: The Hunt for D.C.’s Most Elusive Bourbon

If you think that hunting down some white truffles, shark fin soup or beluga caviar is tough in this town, just try getting your hands on a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. "We got a shipment two weeks ago and it sold out in 45 minutes," says Josh Feldman, owner of Potomac Wine & Spirits, […]

David Chang on the Qualities That Make a Great Chef

To get a sense of Chang's own qualities, read this excellent New Yorker profile. Video courtesy of Serious Eats.

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Ren’s Ramen

Editor's note: Ren's Ramen's closing date has been pushed back to Sept. 3. Love it or hate it, David Chang’s ramen has to be the most fussed-over bowl of soup in the entire goddamn U.S. of A. The chef devoted more than 15 pages to building the perfect ramen in his debut cookbook, Momofuku, right […]

Anthony Bourdain Is Glad Les Halles Closed Its D.C. Location

During my vacation, I read Anthony Bourdain's new book, Medium Raw, an uneven collection of essays in which the chef-cum-writer turns his jaundiced eye to a number of subjects, including José Andrés (a hero), Alan Richman (a douchebag), David Chang (the future of dining), and Alice Waters (an apolitical sensualist). But late in the book, […]

Carol Blymire to Live Blog the Beard Awards

Blymire representin' with the Wienermobile Y&H has made no secret of his affection for Carol Blymire's Alinea at Home blog, in which the self-described "single chick in a broke-ass kitchen with no culinary training" cooks her way through one of the most complicated cookbooks on earth. For fun, no less. I'm not the only one […]

Food News You Can Use: The Twitter Edition

We here at Young & Hungry Central are always on the cutting-edge of new media and technology, which is just a clever way of saying that we, too, can steal shit from Twitter and pass it along as news.  Here's the latest from the 21st Century version of the AP wire: From chef Morou Ouattara […]

Umami Burger: Another D.C. Area Boy Hits It Big Elsewhere

Just as we Washingtonians were getting over our resentment about losing David Chang to New York City, we now have a whole new hurt to nurse: the runaway success of Umami Burger in Los Angeles, which was launched by former Maryland suburbanite Adam Fleischman. A Hamburger Today dispatched a writer to twist the knife in […]

David Chang: “Trust Me, I’m No Genius.”

David Chang, a Georgetown Prep grad and Vienna 'burb boy, is the District's gift to New York. The celebrated chef/owner of Momofuku Noodle Bar and Momofuku Ssäm Bar has been in the hardware business lately, scoring awards from a variety of sources.  Now he's won a USA Network Character Approved Award, whatever that is. In […]