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Photos: Flipping Burgers

Ray's Hell Burger from Best of D.C.: Burgers

Photos: How to Break Down a Pig’s Head

Photos: Ray’s the Steaks and Ray’s the People at East River

There's a new steakhouse in the District, and it is, by my reckoning, D.C.'s first true steakhouse: Ray's the Steaks at East River. It's a meat emporium designed for, and run by, longtime Washingtonians — you know, the ones marginalized not only by the federal government, but also by the local transients who’d rather drink […]

Hollywood Vs. Chinatown: A Tale of Two Dim Sum Palaces

This week's Young & Hungry column takes a look at two very different dim sum parlors, Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton and Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown. One is a local, family-owned operation, the other an import from London. We're publishing the full version of the column in the blog, so that you can […]

Does This Photo Make You Mad?

When my editor, Andrew Beaujon, first showed me the arresting photo that Darrow Montgomery had snapped for our look at The Source's new izakaya-style menu, I told him, "The animal rights people are going to kill us." I didn't think that was necessarily a bad thing. The animal rights people often have a better understanding […]

The Sweet Life at Velatis

If the history behind Velatis isn't always sweet — packed as it is with feuds, bankruptcy, and a long absence from the D.C. area — then Darrow Montgomery's pictures of the candy shop are. The legendary caramel maker, the one that contented thousands of kids after their parents dragged them downtown for those insufferable shopping trips, has […]

Big Chair in Black and White

Over on City Desk, staff photographer Darrow Montgomery has just published a series of black and white pictures of Big Chair Coffee N' Grill in Anacostia, which has to be the most-talked about java shop since Murky imploded on Capitol Hill. You can take a peek at Montgomery's mesmerizing shots here.

Download Your Very Own Desktop Banana

Over on City Desk, City Paper photographer Darrow Montgomery has the above picture available for download in four different sizes. Get your copy now so that someone can stroll by your cubicle and utter that famous phrase, "Is that a banana on your desktop or are you just happy to see me?"

Pie-day in the Office

View the full series on City Desk.

Here’s the Pitch: Adam Bernbach Prepares a Koufax

In this week's Young & Hungry column, Proof mixologist Adam Bernbach explains why he named his rye-based cocktail the "Koufax." In this slide show, created by photographer Darrow Montgomery and online producer Ted Scheinman, Bernbach shows us how he makes the golden cocktail — and where he drew his inspiration.