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Check Out the Menu for Republic in Takoma Park

For nine out of 10 Takoma Park residents that Jeff Black encounters, their first questions about his new restaurant Republic are not about the hours, the location, or the food. "The first question is: Are you going to have a bar?" Takoma Park has a serious dearth of watering holes, especially ones where you can get a […]

No Men’s Room at Republic in Takoma Park

Restaurateur Jeff Black learned his lesson at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace: It doesn't make sense to have a women's and a men's restroom. The ladies line up down the hall, while the men's room remains mostly empty. So at his new Takoma Park restaurant Republic, opening Sunday in partnership with his longtime chef Danny Wells, […]

Black Is the New Black

One of the first things Jeff Black inspects is the bathroom. We’re touring a potential restaurant location in Northwest D.C., and the restaurateur wants to see if it meets handicap-accessibility standards. Some owners overlook such things, but given the growing size of his business, Black doesn’t want any liabilities. As we head back to the […]