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Shake Shack D.C. Benefits From the Obama Bump

Not that Danny Meyer's new D.C. outpost was hurting for business before, but employees at Shake Shack in Dupont Circle say they've been even busier since first lady Michelle Obama showed up last week. "We're always busy, but even more now," a Shack staffer tells the blog Obama Foodorama. "We always have a line, but […]

A Meal Fit For a Mayor: Vince Gray Goes to Shake Shack

What's with the executive branch and its burgers? For President Obama, it's Ray's Hell Burger. For Vince Gray, it seems, it's Shake Shack. Multiple tipsters have reported spotting the D.C. mayor at Danny Meyer's heralded new burger joint in Dupont Circle on Tuesday night. One witness emailed the above photo of Hizzoner standing inside the […]

Quick Feeding: Still More Shake Shack Scuttlebutt, Other Stuff

The Winner, By A Chair: Restaurateur Danny Meyer's first paying customer in the District, showing up with furnishings for his tuckus while waiting for the door to open, turns out to be Andy Lomeli, who tweets that he was "successfully the first person in line for the grand opening of the DC Shake Shack." The […]

Attack of the Potato Buns! New York’s Shake Shack Invades Five Guys Turf

Tuesday marks a new dawn in D.C. fast food, with the 11 a.m. grand opening of Danny Meyer's hallowed New York burger chain Shake Shack in Dupont Circle, a venue destined to rival the local Five Guys behemoth. Nearly four years ago, I was on the flip-side of this equation, during the opening of the […]

Five Reasons Y&H Doesn’t Give a Damn About Pinkberry’s Arrival in D.C.

NBCWashington broke the news yesterday with prose that bordered on the orgasmic: Pinkberry is coming to D.C.! (I'm not sure how many exclamation points to include here, but the general tone of the item merits at least four, I think.) Now understand, the item names no location, not even a neighborhood. Just the promise of […]

Cork Wine Bar Is Closed Until Sept. 7

If you can't read it in this crappy picture, the sign says that Cork Wine Bar will be closed from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6. The reason? The restaurant's annual summer vacation "to give our staff some time to rest." Cork would seem to grasp the idea that a neighborhood restaurant's hospitality extends beyond its […]

Y&H Gets an Unexpected Preview of the Shake Shack Concept Heading Our Way

Little did I know when I walked into Shake Shack last week in Miami — the first non-New York outlet in Danny Meyer's budding burger empire — that I was getting a preview of things to come in D.C.  But while I was away, Washington Business Journal's Missy Frederick reported that Meyer will open a […]