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It’s National Chocolate Eclair Day. Are You Eating the Real Thing?

That cake-like log covered in glaze and chocolate that you bought this morning from Safeway? That's no eclair. So don't kid yourself, at least not today, because we're right in the middle of that hallowed holiday known as National Chocolate Eclair Day. Make no mistake, to produce a real eclair, a baker must prepare pâte […]

D.C. Pastry Chef David Guas Gets Us Ready for Fat Tuesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This segment aired last year on Today, but who cares? New Orleans native David Guas' advice on preparing for Fat Tuesday is as timeless as the celebration itself. Fat Tuesday, if you hadn't noticed through all the snowfall, is tomorrow.

David Guas Shows Al Roker How to Make Mini-Fried Apple Pies

D.C. pastry chef David Guas was on the Today show yesterday, showing Al Roker how to make a fried apple pie recipe from his terrific new cookbook, DamGoodSweet, which Y&H pondered a few days back. Listen, I know morning TV has all the depth of pond scum, but is it too much for Roker to […]

David Guas Gets Sweet on His Native New Orleans

This weekend, I spent a bit of time with David Guas' debut cookbook, DamGoodSweet, in which the former pastry chef for Passion Food Hospitality recreates many of his favorite treats from New Orleans where he grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward, that area devastated by Katrina. The book, just released yesterday, almost cries with […]