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Are You Gonna Eat That? Sushiko’s Fish Sperm and Eggs

This fishplosion of briny sea creatures is as much about texture as flavor.

Gut Reaction: Daikaya’s Cold Ramen Is All About the Noodles

After some delays, Daikaya's cold ramen finally made it onto the menu a couple weeks ago. The debut of the summer dish took a little longer than expected after one of the key ingredients—tare (or sauce) that flavors the broth—was held up by the Food and Drug Administration en route from Japan. The tare was custom-made for Daikaya by […]

Daikaya’s Cold Ramen Debut Gets Stalled by the FDA

If you’ve been anticipating the arrival of Daikaya's cold hiyashi ramen, you’ll have to wait a little longer. One of the key ingredients has been held up by the Food and Drug Administration en route from Japan. No, Daikaya isn’t importing anything exotic or illicit. Co-Owner Daisuke Utagawa says the missing ingredient is part of the […]

Daikaya Owners Nix Plans for Japanese Cocktail Bar Called Kiji Club

Sorry, folks, Japanese cocktail spot Kiji Club isn't happening after all. The owners of Daikaya were going to open the bar in the basement space at 600 F St. NW, just a block from their ramen shop and izakaya. They even started the buildout. But according to co-owner Daisuke Utagawa, they've decided not to continue with the venture. Utagawa explains […]

Fickle Pickles: Only One Man Can Touch Daikaya’s Fermented Vegetables

It's labeled simply "the stinky stuff" in the kitchen of Daikaya. The fermented rice husk paste pickles cucumbers and daikon to create a traditional Japanese specialty called nukazuke on the restaurant's upstairs izakaya menu. Only one person, sous chef Michael Turner, is allowed to touch the mixture with his bare hands. If anyone else's skin […]

Ten Facts About Daikaya’s Upstairs Izakaya

The upstairs izakaya at Chinatown ramen shop Daikaya is set to open as soon as this weekend. Here are 10 things you should know about it: 1. The space is reminiscent of a Japanese izakaya, but you'd never find an izakaya like it in Japan. For example, co-owner Daisuke Utagawa says he's never seen an […]

Soup Dreams: Daikaya Chef Katsuya Fukushima Trades High-End Molecular Gastronomy for Traditional Ramen

Chef Katsuya Fukushima made a career in cutting-edge cuisine, experimenting with spherification, foams, smoke—even meat-flavored chewing gum. He helped José Andrés open the original six-seat Minibar, where he was chef de cuisine, and he cooked for eight months at El Bulli in Spain, a former Mecca for molecular gastronomy. Fukushima also had a heavy hand […]

A Look at Sushi Taro’s $138 Tora-Fugu Menu

This week's print column breaks down the myths around the poisonous Japanese blowfish known as tora-fugu. The delicacy was arguably made famous by a Simpsons episode in which Homer thinks he has only 24 hours to live after an amateur cook butchers the fish. (If you haven't watched it, do it now.) One refrain I […]

Blown Away? Poisonous Japanese Tora-Fugu Is Rare, Expensive, and Almost Flavorless

My first bite of tora-fugu, the Japanese species of blowfish containing deadly poison in its organs, is the skin. The gelatinous delicacy is thinly sliced like noodles, with seaweed, grated daikon, and a ponzu sauce, and is part of Sushi Taro’s 10-course, $138 fugu tasting menu. I’m not dead yet. Next up is sashimi, sliced […]

Daikaya Will Host Pop-Up at Living Social This Month

It's been two years since we first learned about ramen shop and izakaya Daikaya, which topped our ranking of the year's most anticipated restaurants. The restaurant is now set to open this month, but whether it stays on track or not, you will definitely be able to get a taste. The restaurant will "pop-up" at […]