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Daily Food Blog Roundup: The Jellybean Controversy

Caffeine, sugar, and carbs. They're the holy trinity of the American diet, and today's roundup has news on all of 'em. The Internet Food Association is twisting itself into a pretzel over the proper age to consume jelly beans. One thinks the habit is crude and immature for grown adults. (Why does that sentence sound […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Eat It, Yankee Stadium!

So the Yanks want the proles to subsist on Nathan's Famous in their new playpen, eh? The very stadium that taxpayers, both rich and poor, are helping to bankroll? And what does Alice Waters think about the new White House garden? Today's roundup has the answers. Eater tells Yankee Stadium operators to eat it after […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Alt Paper Blogs

It's time Y&H gave some of its alt brothers and sisters a little love—and Web traffic. Very little Web traffic, we're sure. We expect little in return. Fork in the Road has tapped into the latest H2O trend: designer tap water. Y&H wonders what pairs well with lead?

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Beer, Beans, and Basketball

The week is over, folks. What are you doing reading this blog? Go eat some beans. Or watch some basketball or, God forbid, go outside and play basketball. Step away from the computer now. I mean it, leave. Well, as soon as you read the latest roundup. Happy weekend all. Endless Simmer draws comparisons between […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Late Edition

So where the hell has this day gone? Why is it after 8 p.m., and I have only four blog items posted, none of them named Daily Food Blog Roundup? And why am I thinking like an editor when I should be sneaking out the door, hoping the editors are too busy with the Best […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Cured Meats or a Cure for Meat Eating?

Sometimes Y&H doesn't know how he ever lived without food blogs. How else would he learn about the rotten-egg alternative to Viagra or read with fascination one woman's campaign to avoid meat for five weeks? You're not gonna find this stuff on CNN, people! Gut Check surveys the meat mongers popping up in Northern Virginia. […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Timeless Regional Cuisine

Something about the nature of the Web, it doesn't like to look back. It's sort of a deeply ingrained, Orpheus-like fear that if we glance briefly over our shoulders, we'll somehow forever miss the latest post on Wonkette or DCist or, hell, even Prince of Petworth and our entire future will be blacker than Bernie Madoff's heart. No, the […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Food Sections

  The newspaper business is totally in the crapper, to use an old expression that's not likely to jumpstart your appetite this morning.  Y&H just read this piece in Time magazine. Pretty depressing stuff for ink-stained wretches like us. So let's get to the daily newspaper Food sections while they're still around. Green Inc. reports that […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Random Sample

People are brilliant. People are mindless cows. Today's roundup has a bit of both. tells us how London's fast-food chicken outlets have escaped the Colonel's hatchetmen, including the creatively named Kent's Tuck Inn Fried Chicken.

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Extreme Blogging

Let's start the week with the online equivalent of wingsuit flying: Bloggers willing to tear down institutions and destroy old ideas. Hey, if we desk jockeys can't exercise anymore, then we might as well get our endorphin rush from little shots of e-schadenfreude. Less Is Enough chronicles Day 27 of a campaign to eat for a month […]