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D.C. Is the 11th Most Caffeinated City in America

The Daily Beast has crunched some numbers and determined which U.S. cities have the most caffeine running through their veins. As you might have predicted, the Pacific Northwest is the jumpiest among us. Seattle comes in first with 35 coffee shops per 100,000 residents, followed by Portland with 28. The District slips in at No. […]

Restaurant Eve Has a Problem With Todd Kliman’s Column on the Locavore Wine Hypocrisy

Meshelle Armstrong has been on the warpath about Todd Kliman's recent opinion column for The Daily Beast on the "locavore wine hypocrisy." It's a provocative piece, full of writerly angst about how, for many restaurants, the "buy local" philosophy stops at the local vineyard's front door. Kliman singles out Restaurant Eve, where Armstrong and her […]