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Fickle Pickles: Only One Man Can Touch Daikaya’s Fermented Vegetables

It's labeled simply "the stinky stuff" in the kitchen of Daikaya. The fermented rice husk paste pickles cucumbers and daikon to create a traditional Japanese specialty called nukazuke on the restaurant's upstairs izakaya menu. Only one person, sous chef Michael Turner, is allowed to touch the mixture with his bare hands. If anyone else's skin [...]

What’s in a Name?

Some restaurateurs claim one of the hardest parts of opening up a restaurant is figuring out what to call it. And lately, they’ve been coming up with some pretty strange-sounding ideas. We took a look at how six new or soon-to-open eateries got their names. Hogo 1017 7th St. NW The new rum bar from [...]

Ten Facts About Daikaya’s Upstairs Izakaya

The upstairs izakaya at Chinatown ramen shop Daikaya is set to open as soon as this weekend. Here are 10 things you should know about it: 1. The space is reminiscent of a Japanese izakaya, but you'd never find an izakaya like it in Japan. For example, co-owner Daisuke Utagawa says he's never seen an [...]

Soup Dreams: Daikaya Chef Katsuya Fukushima Trades High-End Molecular Gastronomy for Traditional Ramen

Chef Katsuya Fukushima made a career in cutting-edge cuisine, experimenting with spherification, foams, smoke—even meat-flavored chewing gum. He helped José Andrés open the original six-seat Minibar, where he was chef de cuisine, and he cooked for eight months at El Bulli in Spain, a former Mecca for molecular gastronomy. Fukushima also had a heavy hand [...]

Buy Beer for the Kitchen at Daikaya

Not everything on the menu at Chinatown's new ramen shop Daikaya goes from the kitchen to the diners. For $10, diners can buy a six-pack of beer for the kitchen. The option is listed on the laminated menu as "an ode to Alla Spina." For those scratching their heads, Alla Spina is an Italian gastropub [...]

Daikaya Opens on Feb. 14

Daikaya has been leading us on with its opening date for more than a year now. We hope it won't break our hearts this Valentine's Day. That's when, at last, the ramen shop is slated to open. The 40-seat ground floor, where Sapporo-style ramen will be served, will open at 5 p.m. on Feb. 14. [...]

Daikaya Will Host Pop-Up at Living Social This Month

It's been two years since we first learned about ramen shop and izakaya Daikaya, which topped our ranking of the year's most anticipated restaurants. The restaurant is now set to open this month, but whether it stays on track or not, you will definitely be able to get a taste. The restaurant will "pop-up" at [...]

Top Ten D.C. Restaurant Openings in 2013

This should be a good year for variety in the D.C. dining scene. The most anticipated restaurants scheduled to open in 2013 feature Southeast Asian, Japanese, French, Latin American, Greek, Italian, and American fare, plus some hybrids. Veteran restaurateurs will expand into new cuisines, big names will make their District debuts, and a few longtime [...]

Daikaya Team Opening Japanese Cocktail Bar

Ramen and izakaya spot Daikaya isn't the only Penn Quarter project that Sushiko co-owner Daisuke Utagawa has in the works. The restaurateur is also planning to open a Japanese cocktail bar in the small basement space beneath Fuel Pizza at 600 F St. NW, about a block away from where Daikaya will be. "The cocktail bar [...]

Ramen Corner

At first glance, the listing for “pig ramen” seems as alien as SpaghettiOs on a sushi menu. Among the lamb and pork meatballs and Carolina smoked barbecue available at The Pig, Logan Circle’s newest hog-centric Americana eatery, I’m surprised to find a bowl of Asian noodle soup. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. In a time when [...]