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Is D.C. Becoming a Bigger Beer Town Than Philly?

"D.C. was a wine town when we started 15-16 years ago, but the trajectory D.C. is on is an even bigger trajectory albeit smaller beer base than Baltimore and Philly. So it's really exciting to see D.C. going off."—Sam Calagione, founder of Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery, speaking to DCist about the District's blossoming craft beer […]

D.C. vs. Philly: A Barista Battle Royale!

Who pours the most artistically frothed latte? The talented baristas here in our nation's capital? Or their counterparts in the capital of Cheese Whiz? We're about to found out. On Oct. 20, java jockeys from D.C. and Philly will face-off in a live-streamed latte art competition. The local component of the contest begins at 8 […]