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Curbed: Could New Regulations Kill D.C.’s Food Truck Culture?

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Food Truck and Restaurant Associations Respond to New Proposed Food Truck Regulations

The District proposed on Friday new rules governing food trucks that would create designated zones where a limited number of mobile vendors could sell their food. The regulations propose 23 "mobile roadway vending zones" throughout the city containing at least three parking spaces where trucks could park from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Instead of feeding […]

Missing Food Truck Comments Found and Hand-Delivered

The more than 1,000 comments that mysteriously disappeared amid the District's latest round of proposed mobile-vending rulemaking have now been found. The Post previously reported that the pro-food truck comments, generated through the D.C. Food Truck Association's website, seemingly disappeared in thin air. The group said its supporters sent 1,171 letters, but 1,128 of […]

Food Trucks Begin Charging Sales Tax Today

Your food truck fare may be slightly pricier from now on: D.C. food trucks begin collecting 10 percent sales tax today. Perviously, food trucks paid a flat fee to the D.C. government rather than charge a sales tax. The change is part of new vending regulations passed this year. According to a memorandum in March […]

Food Truckers Endorse D.C.’s New Regs (With Conditions)

The D.C. Food Truck Association today formally expressed its support for the District government's proposed new vending regulations—with a few caveats, of course. (Read Y&H's breakdown of who most benefits from the rule changes here.) The group's official press release contains no big surprises. In short, the association thinks that: (a) the rule limiting dessert […]

Why Don’t D.C. Food Trucks Just Pay Some Guy To Stand In Line?

In the spirit of this week's "Answers Issue" of Washington City Paper, Y&H has a few questions of his own. Here's one that pertains to the District's longstanding vending regulations, particularly the much maligned "ice cream truck rule," which, as presently written, specifically states that: "No roadway vending vehicle shall remain in any one (1) […]

For Food Trucks, Any New Rules Are Good Rules

The D.C. government on Friday released its long-awaited new regulations to govern how food trucks operate in the District. (The Post has the full 67-page rulemaking here.) For operators of the popular roving nosh mobiles, the mere publication of new rules in this morning's D.C. Register represents something of a victory. "We are desperate for […]

Move Over, Ambulance Chasers! This Lawyer Is Following The Food Trucks

In the Post, Y&H alum Tim Carman profiles attorney Bert Gall of the Institute for Justice in Arlington on his current mission in life: "suing the living daylights out of cities that dare to limit the free enterprise of street vendors." Gall's work spans nationwide but Carman takes the opportunity to check in on the […]