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High Time For Czech Beer in DC

Last June, we lamented the absence of a traditional German-style beer garden in our fair city. Before long, though,  our prayers were answered with the soon-to-open Biergarten Haus in the Atlas District. We have high hopes for the place and expect it to fill a gaping void in DC's beer scene. Taking a survey of the landscape, things […]

Blogtoberfest: Drinking Girly-Man Beer in Prague

This week for Blogtoberfest, share your beer travel stories. Where have you tippled? What was it like? Blog it, tweet it, share it on Facebook. The Internet’s a wondrous place. Yesterday I wrote about the Czech Republic’s two kinds of beers: sweet dark lagers and light pilsners. But studying in Prague in college, I learned […]

Czech Republic: One Country, Two Beers

For all its storied beer history, the Czech Republic has essentially two beer styles: dark and light. It’s a spartan selection even in comparison to Germany and its Reinheitsgebot. There’s the dark, chocolaty cerny (pronounced with a “ch” sound), and there’s pilsner, the famous light-colored lager from the city of Plzen. Poured fresh, they’re clear, […]