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D.C.’s Food Trucks Try to Adjust to the City’s New Regulations

Last Monday, BurGorilla and What the Pho? food truck owner Rob Estep got to sleep in an extra hour for the first time in a long time. This month, he hasn’t had to worry about competitors cutting him off, feeding the meters, or overeager parking enforcement. Instead, his trucks roll up hassle-free to new “mobile […]

Curbed: Could New Regulations Kill D.C.’s Food Truck Culture?

Mobile Warming Curbed The Clique and the Dead Which Food Truck Should I Go To? Food Truckers: The New Baristas A Day in the Life of a Milk and Cookies Food Truck Food Truck Etiquette Tips by Miss Manners Lunch? There's a (Probably Inaccurate) App for That Food Truck or Recreational Sports Team? Take the […]

Mobilizing: How D.C.’s Food Trucks Learned to Love Lobbying

It’s Farragut Friday, and a dozen food trucks are buzzingwith office workers on their lunch breaks. But instead of feeding customers, TaKorean’s Mike Lenard and DC Slice’s Tom MacDonald stand in the middle of Farragut Square in their red “Truck Yeah!” T-shirts with a folder full of press releases and measuring tape. “There’s no guarantee […]

Pimp My Food Truck

Lee Campbell kneels next to a food truck on the hot asphalt outside a Manassas garage and calls out to his coworkers. They’re installing 12,000-kW generators in the truck, a mobile meal purveyor franchised from Tampa-based Bonefish Grill. When they’re done with that, they’ve got to get back to replacing the generator in the DC […]

Why Don’t D.C. Food Trucks Just Pay Some Guy To Stand In Line?

In the spirit of this week's "Answers Issue" of Washington City Paper, Y&H has a few questions of his own. Here's one that pertains to the District's longstanding vending regulations, particularly the much maligned "ice cream truck rule," which, as presently written, specifically states that: "No roadway vending vehicle shall remain in any one (1) […]

For Food Trucks, Any New Rules Are Good Rules

The D.C. government on Friday released its long-awaited new regulations to govern how food trucks operate in the District. (The Post has the full 67-page rulemaking here.) For operators of the popular roving nosh mobiles, the mere publication of new rules in this morning's D.C. Register represents something of a victory. "We are desperate for […]

Quick Feeding: A Second Opinion On D.C.’s Best Food Trucks

Noble Mobiles: Local standouts Curbside Cupcakes and Sâuçá listed among best food trucks nationwide. (City Paper readers tend to disagree.) [Delish via The Feast] Local Mixologist Shakes Things Up:  Another staffer jumps ship at Roberto Donna's Galileo III [WaPo] A Spike in Notoriety: Reality TV stars credit reality TV for bolstering D.C.'s food scene. [Glittarazzi] […]

Curbside Truck Kicks Off the Holiday Season with an Eggnog Cupcake

Somebody had to be the first one to usher in the holiday season prematurely. This year's Preseason Spoiler Award goes to mobile sweets truck, Curbside Cupcakes, the Curby Award winner that just launched its eggnog cupcake on Tuesday. Made with rum buttercream icing, the cupcake carries quite a sweet kick. I got a chance to […]

And the Winner of the Curbside Cookoff Is…

OK, maybe the voting system for the Curbside Cookoff wasn't the most foolproof on earth. At least no one was electing leaders to rule an unruly country. The worst that could happen is that an unworthy food truck took home top honors. You be the judge if it did: The winner of the Curby Award […]