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EquityEats Revamps Its Crowdfunding Model Again

More than 250 restaurants want to launch campaigns with EquityEats.

“Pop-up Megaplex” Prequel Crowdfunds More Than $200,000

Single investments ran as high as $10,000.

You Can Now Invest In D.C.’s First “Pop-Up Megaplex”

New D.C. regulations allow anyone to participate in equity crowdfunding for approved businesses.

EquityEats Will Open “Pop-Up Megaplex” at 918 F Street NW

"Think of it as a movie theater but for foodies."

EquityEats Rethinks Its Timeline and Looks to Open Pop-Up Space

The four restaurants seeking funds still have a ways to go to reach their goals.

A New Restaurant Crowdfunding Platform Offers Profits, Not Just Perks

If it’s successful, the platform has the potential to greatly influence what kind of restaurants are able to open in D.C.

Four New Restaurants Seek Funding With the Launch of EquityEats

A bakery, a seafood counter, a lobster and burger joint, and a seasonally focused American restaurant want investors.

Equity Crowdfunding Site for Restaurants Prepares for D.C. Launch

If you want to be a restaurant investor, you pretty much have to be rich. The Securities and Exchange Commission makes it a big pain for restaurants or other businesses to accept funds from anyone who isn't an "accredited investor." And to be an accredited investor, you have to have a net worth of $1 […]

Which Restaurants Have Raised The Most Through Crowdfunding?

When Pleasant Pops launched a Kickstarter campaign to open a cafe in the spring of 2012, crowdfunding was still a novelty for restaurant and bar owners. These days, everyone from food-truck operators to veteran restaurateurs is hitting up potential customers for money. So far, no local establishments have managed to entirely fund a new venture […]

Rose’s Luxury Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Back in September, Y&H wrote about a new generation of restaurants turning to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter for financial support rather than relying solely on investors and bank loans. The latest eatery turning to Kickstarter? Rose's Luxury, which Momofuku Noodle Bar and 2941 alum Aaron Silverman is opening on Barracks Row next spring. Silverman hopes […]