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Servicey Industry: Cheap Chips, Mudbug Boils, Rummy Meals

Openings, closings, events, charities, compiled from press releases, compressed into haiku "Sickly cheap" cod, chips/Say, "I want a ‘1 & 1’.../and it’s half the quid"; today, "National Fish and Chips Day," May 25, $4.50 a pop, Eammon's A Little Chipper, 728 Kings Street, Alexandria, (703) 299-8384 Cajun crawfish boil/Zesty potatoes, sweet corn/Sno-Balls, condensed milk; from […]

Acadiana, Cowboy Cafe Have Your Crawfish Boils

Remember my rant last month about the District's lack of Louisiana crawfish and the big communal boils that are so common down south during Lent? Well, the post-Lenten season is here — and so are the Louisiana mudbugs. Not one but two restaurants are now hosting crawfish boils. Acadiana starts up its weekly boil on […]

It’s Louisiana Crawfish Season But Where the Hell Can You Get Them?

One of the subjects in this mini-documentary on Louisiana crawfish claims that, at some point, 95 percent of the mud bugs were consumed right there in the Pelican State. "My first reaction was," the subject tells the camera crew, "'How are we letting the other 5 percent get away?'" Well, they certainly aren't sneaking their way to D.C., at […]