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Cellular Gastronomy: Restaurants’ Love-Hate Relationship With Your Phone

When I walk into the International Language Institute, the small, dingy lobby is empty—except for a guy sitting next to the elevator. Is this actually the right way to the new  Dupont “speakeasy” from Good Stuff Eatery’s Spike Mendelsohn and lobbyist/Kabin owner Vinoda Basnayake? It doesn’t look like the entrance to a bar with studded […]

Quick Feeding: Trystian Inspiration and Belgian Chef Secrets

International Secrets: Where does the Belgian Embassy's chef like to eat when he's not cooking? Belga Café, naturally. Also, Et Voila, Brasserie Beck, and Marvin. [Eater D.C.] Trysts Everywhere! As the folks behind Tryst look to open a similar type of place in Columbia Heights, the owners of Fly Lounge are looking to open a […]

A Black Friday Shopping Guide for People Who’d Rather Eat

Allow me to offer a disclaimer before I start: You can trust my picks for the District's best shopping districts as much as you can trust Bernie Madoff's financial advice. Through years of selective focus, I can walk through any neighborhood and ignore all manner of shoe shops, clothing stores, and perfumeries, my mind singularly […]

Cork Wine Bar Is Closed Until Sept. 7

If you can't read it in this crappy picture, the sign says that Cork Wine Bar will be closed from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6. The reason? The restaurant's annual summer vacation "to give our staff some time to rest." Cork would seem to grasp the idea that a neighborhood restaurant's hospitality extends beyond its […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Cork Wine Bar

One by one, we’re running through the 50 restaurants that made the cut on this year’s Young & Hungry Dining Guide. If you have visited the day’s featured restaurant, let us know what you think. If you’re planning to visit for the first time, tell us about your meal when you return. If I had to […]

When a Restaurant’s Ambience Is Acutally Just a Sign of Mourning

MJ and Chimp: Not part of Policy's pop-culture decor Last night, as I was hanging with restaurant designer Walter Gagliano, we stopped at Policy to check out the interior at this new 14th Street hotspot. Gagliano had plenty of interesting things to say about the restaurant/lounge, far more than I thought any human being could […]

Food News You Can Use: Coming Soon Edition

While Y&H was peeking into civil court records and poking around a chef contest, others were actually hunting down news about restaurants that are opening and closing. Here's a quick run-down of what we've missed — or what I've missed: Tom Sietsema reports that the guys behind the mini-Matchbox chain are planning a small, personal […]