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Captain Cookie & The Milk Man Now Open in Foggy Bottom

Sugar fiends have been lining up around the block for Kirk Francis' cookies.

Buzz Bakery in Ballston Will Open in…Who Knows?

This may be the most painfully cute sugar cookie ever. I say "painfully" because the beehive-shaped treat is available at, ahem, Buzz Bakery in Alexandria, where pastry chef Josh Short created it several years ago for a  fundraiser. Now it's permanently on the menu at Buzz. I have to admit, over the years, I have […]

Woodmoor Pastry Shop Sells One Crazy Cool Coffee Cake

This morning, I found myself doing what I often do: wandering the streets. It's an occupational hazard, which can lead to some foul-tasting encounters. But today I ran across a place that I had somehow missed for years — the Woodmoor Pastry Shop, which has only been around Silver Spring for, oh, 50 years. The […]

Attention Girl Scout Cookie Office Pushers: Let Your Daughters Do the Work

We've all been approached by them: The helpful mother or doting dad who deals Girl Scout cookies in the office. And we've all been the happy recipients of those colorful boxes of Thin Mints or Tagalongs or Do-si-dos. (Three boxes of Thin Mints, please!) Well, hate to tell you, but it seems we've all been […]

Ritz Guests Receive a Free Jar of Michelle Obama’s Cookies. Or Do They?

I raise this tricky question after reading Marian Burros' blog item today in the New York Times, which reports that the Ritz-Carltons in D.C. are replacing the traditional pillow mints with cookies based on a Family Circle magazine recipe by First Lady-to-Be Michelle Obama. Among other interesting bits of info, Burros drops this little grenade: […]