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Local Producers Step Up Their Condiment Game

A good condiment can be the sandwich goggles that turn a two into 10. But Duke’s Mayo and French’s mustard don’t need to be your only pantry staples. A number of local producers are stepping up their condiment game. Many of these spreads and sauces are available at retailers like Whole Foods, Union Kitchen Grocery, […]

Free At Last! Mayo and Mustard Ban Lifted at Taylor Gourmet

The sandwich sticklers at Taylor Gourmet have finally relented on their restrictive condiments policy. Beginning Thursday, mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard will be available upon request at the Philly-style hoagie haven. Previously, only oil and vinegar were provided. Whole-wheat bread is another new addition. The emancipation of mayo and company has been a long time […]

So Many Colors in the Ketchup Rainbow: José Andrés’ Quest for Condiment Redemption

The New York Times checks in with esteemed D.C. chef José Andrés this week for a story about ketchup. Andrés is on a mission to bring back the wide variety that once characterized America's best known condiment. His barely one-month-old pop-up restaurant, America Eats Tavern, offers as many as eight different types of the dipping […]

Did Mumbo Sauce Exist Before D.C.’s Asian-Run Carryouts?

The exact origins of D.C.'s indigenous condiment—mumbo sauce (also called "mambo" and even "mumble")—are murky at best. The typical journalistic backgrounder goes something like this: some people maintain it is the District's own invention; others believe it is actually descended from a type of barbecue sauce in Chicago. Over at WaPo, Y&H alum Tim Carman […]

Hitting the Sauce: Granville Moore’s Bacon Chive Mayo

Every fry tastes like a loaded baked potato when dunked into the creamy new bacon chive mayo dipping sauce at Granville Moore's. "Bacon is like 'the little black dress' of the culinary world," says head chef Teddy Folkman, who created the delicious dip with the help of his sous chef, Stephen "Chappy" Chapman. "It is […]

Hitting the Sauce: Cork’s ‘Curry-esque’ Ketchup

A friend of mine described the exotic homemade ketchup at Cork on 14th Street NW as "curry-esque." Intrigued, I simply had to try it.  The flavor was extraordinary. The moment it hit my tongue, I felt transported to India, or at least Dishes of India in Alexandria. I seemed to detect a spice that could […]

Hitting the Sauce: Founding Farmers’ Triple-Threat Beignet Fixings

If there’s one thing I like better than a good gourmet doughnut, it’s the opportunity to sauce that tasty tiny fried cake myself. Case in point: the ambrosial “B Baby’s Beignets” at Founding Farmers, served with a trio of delectable house-made dips. Desperate dessert seekers, please be patient. The New Orleans-inspired sweets are made fresh […]

Hitting the Sauce: Sticky Rice’s Secret Tater Tot Dip Revealed (Sort Of)

Sticky Rice DC has long teased me with its “world-famous secret tater tot sauce.” Not only was the recipe unknown, it was wildly popular. When I ask co-owner Jason Martin about the special tot sauce recipe he replies, “People freak out about it every night.” With the hungry hoards clamoring for the secret to the […]

The ‘Subversive Element’ at Ray’s Hell Burger? Catsup!

Leave it to Michael Landrum, the socially conscious improprietor of Ray's the Steaks and Ray's the Classics, to regurgitate one of the Reagan Administration's more embarrassing, non-Iran/Contra moments. And he's done it right there on his condiments counter at Ray's Hell Burgers. The salty-dog toque even teased his meat-crazed followers with this taunt on […]