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Bacon and Vegan Festivals Face-Off This Weekend—Within Wafting Distance

Veggie bacon or bacon-and-cheddar-filled hot dogs?

Mixed Veggies: See Steve-O, American Meat or All You Can Eat

Quick hits on the meatless beat. Still Confused? Chipotle sponsors a free screening of "American Meat," a documentary unveiling the history of the current CAFOs system and the pioneering antics of Omnivore Dilemma's superstar farmer Joel Salatin. Feel free to scoop up a free ticket (or protest) today at 7 p.m. at E Street Cinema. Tickets first […]

Mixed Veggies: New Veg-Friendly Lunch Specials; Free Tix Contest to “Vegucated”

Quick hits on the meatless beat. Step Away From Your Desk: Now there are two more reasons to step away from the internet at lunch: Both Urbana and Fiola announced new lunch specials this week. Urbana's $14.95 "lunch box" brings a side salad, choice of pizza or sandwich, chips and a house-made chocolate chip cookie, […]

Mixed Veggies: Ask Subway for Tofurky, Food Network Promotes Meatless Monday

Quick hits on the meatless beat The Campaign Continues: Meatless Mondays receives another bump in coverage as Kelly DiNardo asks local chefs for meatless recipes on the new Food Network based, City Eats, a combination blog, reservation and deals site launched in D.C. last week. Tofurkey Delight: Via Twitter, Subway encouraged its meatless eaters to tell […]

Organizers Aim To Convert The Veg-Curious At D.C. VegFest

As local vegans and vegetarians converge upon the George Washington University campus for this year's VegFest, Erica Meier will be focusing her attention on folks who are still reluctant to join the rabbit food scene. Meier, the executive director of festival sponsor Compassion Over Killing, wants to attract the veg-curious. The meatless event has successfully […]

Killing With Kindness (And Comment Cards): A New Campaign for More Meatless Options in D.C. Restaurants

For those vegetarians who favor passive-aggressive tactics in restaurant communications, the Takoma Park, Md.-based organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just the thing for you. The meatless advocacy group has created some new "restaurant manager cards," providing a quick, easy and non-verbal way to tell a restaurant  that you want to see more vegan options on […]

Rescheduled Meat Free Week Running Through Feb. 13

Not too long ago, Amber McDonald says she was the kind of aggressive steak eater who would have been an eager participant in Meat Week. But the antitrust lawyer switched to hardcore veganism a "little over a year ago when I read that a study had proven that cows were as intelligent and emotional as dogs. […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Duccini’s…

The damn place ran out of the Daiya fake cheese, which means, of course, that Duccini's couldn't sell the much-hyped vegan jumbo slice. The guy behind the dingy counter at the U Street pizzeria couldn't tell me when they would start reselling the slices, but he indicated that when Duccini's did have them for sale, […]

Welcome to Veg Day on Young & Hungry

I know, I know. Dedicating a day to vegetarian food is about as lame as Parents' Day and Veterans Day and Earth Day and all those other days in which you're supposed to pretend you're a friend to ________ ('rents,vets, the Earth, you name it) instead just another selfish weasel addicted to live Tweeting his thoughts […]

Good Veggie Food Can Be Found In Non-Veggie Restaurants

My main gripe with Compassion Over Killing's Three Green Awards has less to do with its questionable decision to reward the participants in COK's Restaurant Outreach Program than with the voters' decision to focus almost exclusively on all-vegetarian restaurants. Their votes smack of ideology as much as taste. Believe me, you can get much better […]