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Carole Greenwood Pops Up: The Nomadic Dinner-Party Pioneer Is Itching to Get Back in a Real Kitchen

Ever since quitting Buck’s Fishing & Camping and Comet Ping Pong more than two years ago, citing “urgent family matters,” James Beard Award-nominated chef Carole Greenwood has taken some unusual turns in her culinary career. Last year, for a brief time—very brief—Greenwood was working in the kitchen of Bethesda’s Food Wine & Co. That much […]

Against the Grain: Gluten-Free Pizza Goes Mainstream in D.C.

In the interest of fairness, most critics prefer to order only plain margherita pies when evaluating a pizzeria. Sticking to the basic elements helps ensure a level playing field when judging the overall goodness of one pizza versus another. At least in most cases. On a recent night at Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza in Penn […]

Comet Ping Pong’s ‘Smoky’ Pie: Best Pizza in D.C.?

Food Network Magazine has published its picks for best pizzas in each U.S. state. Despite its lack of statehood, the District still merits a mention. And the best pie in D.C. goes to ... the "Smoky" at Comet Ping Pong. So says the magazine: You won’t find any sauce on the best pie in the […]

Wings, Cheddar, Bacon, and Beef: An Unhealthy Photographic Tour

When I started as Washington City Paper's bar food blogger back in August, I knew this gig would involve a lot of eating. But I couldn't say for sure exactly what I would be eating. Right off the bat, Sigmagrrl commented on that post in an attempt to corner me: Good first blog topic: definition […]

Bar Food Philandering: Wings Edition

I'm having commitment problems. For years I've been devoted to a single-wing recipe, a beautiful Buffalo rendition characterized by crisp skin, Frank's based sauce and a side of cool blue cheese. Then I went Asian and the rock slide began. Now it seems I'm ravenous for any wing order, so long as the flavors resonate […]

Chefs and the Mothers Who Influenced Them

Mexican chef Patricia Jinich influences the next generation, her son Julian As noted earlier today — and sorry to keep rubbing this in, if you haven't made those brunch reservations yet — Mother's Day is this weekend. I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask some chefs and cooks what kind of influence their mothers […]

Comet Ping Pong Gets Its Liquor License Back, Loses Chef

That was quick. James Alefantis e-mailed today to say that, after a long dry run at Comet Ping Pong, he finally got his liquor license back today. All it took was a small mountain of paperwork and about $2,700 in fees. Comet will be serving beer, wine, and liquor today at its hip Connecticut Avenue […]

Food News You Can Use: Demon Alcohol Edition

Let's not examine why Y&H has liquor on the brain at this hour. Let's just review some of the latest in firewater news. Montgomery County is thinking it may not feel so blue on Sundays anymore. [DCist] Tune Inn on Capitol Hill slathered on the pomade for its moment in the spotlight. [Washingtonian's Best Bites […]

Comet Hopes to Have Its Liquor License Back this Week

James Alefantis isn't blaming his lawyer, his accountant, or anyone else. He puts the blame for not renewing Comet Ping Pong's liquor license squarely on his shoulders. "I take full responsibility," says the owner. Alefantis hopes to be pouring beer and wine again later this week.  Comet has already been dry since March 31, when […]

Veg Day on Y&H: A Postscript

The seasonal pumpkin-tapioca dessert at New Kam Fong From the look of things, y'all have a strong interest in vegetarian food. Yesterday, the Y&H blog had some of its highest traffic numbers ever for a Monday, which, of course, is not why we do these kind of themed days. We do them in the name […]