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It’s Bacon Week! Here’s Video Of A Guy In A Bacon Dress Singing About Bacon

Clarendon's Restaurant 3 kicks off its annual "Week O' Bacon" on Thursday, serving up bacon-laden everything from bacon cheese dip with bacon-dusted potato chips to a bacon Bloody Mary made with bacon-infused vodka and a bacon garnish. In other words: heaven. The bacon bacchanalia recalls the old comedy skit on MTV's The State where actor […]

Blast From the Past: SNL’s Super Bass-O-Matic Commercial

Here's an interesting question about this gut-busting skit from season one of Saturday Night Live: Could SNL get away with pureeing a fish on live TV these days? Discuss.

Gangsta Rap Gets All Healthy and Shit

BUCKWHEAT GROATS- Dinner Table Game – watch more funny videos Buckwheat Groats is a comedy rap team ("Penis Bailey the Bailey" and "Lil' Dinky") that puts the healthy drizzle on your sizzle, fo shizzle dizzle. They got food-safety flow, too, yo: "If you think it’s undercooked, you’re wildin’ fella / Buckwheat Groats don’t get down […]

How to Become a Celebrity Chef

Don't skip this video. It's one of the best parodies of celebrity chef cooking shows I've seen. The Monster Munch garnish is brilliant. Video from Jezebel

Barack Obama’s Backyard Barbecue

When is potato salad not potato salad? When it's a symbol for universal health care.

BP Spills Coffee in the Conference Room

BP Spills Coffee – watch more funny videos

Stephen Colbert Bites Into KFC’s Double Down

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Thought for Food – Mentally Ill Advertisers & German Cupcakes Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Fox News A few of you have suggested that I need to serve up my own review of KFC's bun-less wonder. I'm sorry, I'm still behind on that assignment. […]

You Always Knew Butter Was Bad for You

Jim Breuer on Why You Puke When Drunk

Jim Breuer – Alcohol – watch more funny videos

Blue Man Group’s First Job At a Fast Food Joint

Blue Man Group: Before They Were Stars – watch more funny videos