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Ivy City Smokehouse Wants to Change the Way D.C. Eats Seafood

Ivy City Smokehouse will also feature a restaurant.

The Latest Local Beer Brand Eyes China… and Outer Space

Whereas most D.C.-area beer companies try to bolster their local cred, Pierre Richard Augustin initially planned to sell his beer exclusively to China.

Forage Ahead: The Dabney Wants to Build An Identity For Mid-Atlantic Cuisine

The Dabney's chef says he's forage two to three times a week to stock his kitchen.

Tipping Point: Some D.C. Restaurants Are Taking a Closer Look at Eliminating Tips

Danny Meyer is eliminating gratuities at his restaurant group in favor of paying employees a wage. Some D.C. restaurateurs are now watching closely to see if this is a model worth adopting themselves.

How Other Businesses on Barracks Row Feed Off Rose’s Luxury’s Popularity

A slew of businesses are just waiting to take in Rose's rejects, and there's a cottage industry of people who are paid to wait in line.

Logan Circle’s Kitschy Liquor Store Façade Could Become a Historic Landmark

Constructed in 1945, the barrel has become an icon in the neighborhood.

How Union Kitchen’s Expansion Will Affect D.C.’s Food Scene

The food incubator just opened a $2.25 million facility in Ivy City.

Sona Creamery Is Finally Making Cheese

As far as the owners are aware, the cheesemaking operation will be the first ever in D.C.

D.C.’s Newest Distillery, Jos. A. Magnus & Co., Revives a Century-Old Bourbon

The distillery was founded by the great-grandson of successful pre-Prohibition distiller Joseph A. Magnus.

Chefs Are Working With Farmers to Custom-Grow Obscure Ingredients

Where'd those marshmallow flowers and dragon egg cucumbers come from?