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Bar Sprawl

Todd Thrasher pulls a lighter out of his pocket and holdsthe flame to a slice of grapefruit rind. There’s a tiny poof of black smoke as he rubs aromatic oils around the rim of a glass, using the rind to stir the orange drink with Aperol, gin, Macchu Pisco, and five drops of salt water. […]

Quick Feeding: Lancaster Eats Coming to 14th Street

Lancaster County Connection: Do you like Amish- and Mennonite-prepared food? Then get ready to live less simply. "The farmers and manufacturers of food in Lancaster have really been stepping it up in quality recently to move beyond 'Dutchy' fare, and are providing high-end products that meet the standards of more discerning customers in urban environments." […]

What’s Next for Wheaton’s Food Identity?

My colleague, Lydia DePillis, in her Housing Complex column this week, examines the what-ifs related to downtown Wheaton, the unincorporated Montgomery County crossroads full of small businesses—including many ethnic restaurants. It's also slated for redevelopment. "The tricky thing is, in a few very important ways, [many] want Wheaton to change as little as possible," DePillis […]

Weekend Feed: Bob & Edith’s in Arlington

Bob & Edith's Diner 2310 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204 (703) 920-6103 Bob & Edith's offers, depending on how you count them, five or six different steak-and-egg combinations, in addition to breakfast platters that include turkey, bologna, and half-smokes. Such a wealth of wacky options allows you to never order the same thing twice, but […]